As you begin the process of moving you and your family into your new home at South Lakes in Fuquay Varina, one thing that can prove to be a big money saver that you will not need to sacrifice either style or ambiance in your new dwelling in addressing is installing energy efficient lighting.

A study done by spells out your lighting options and explains in detail how one can make the right selections and be on their way to saving money. The full article can be seen at In this piece, it is explained that given new lighting standards that took effect in 2012, there are several light bulb options that can lead to a significant annual savings and allow you to use the same amount of light as you ever would. The more traditional incandescent bulbs have been proven to use a lot of energy, most of which is given off as heat, and thus is simply a waste of energy and money when considering the following options. The most common and suggested energy efficient bulbs are either CFL’s, LED’s, or energy saving incandescent, which would actually show the least savings, but still average about a 25 percent savings annually. The CFL bulbs will actually save you an average of 75 percent each year on lighting costs, while the LED’s average in the same range, being listed depending on the model at a 75-80 percent savings rate.

Even though some of these types bulbs make be slightly more expensive to purchase, you can light your new home much more efficiently and in the long run save yourself money on the whole by exploring these options when building your new home.