Fuquay Varina ranks among Best Places to Own a Home in North Carolina

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Best Places to Own a Home in North Carolina

As the state of North Carolina continues to see growth and development at a rapid pace annually, a recent survey done by the experts at nerdwallet.com ranked the top spots across the “Tar Heel” state for new homeowners, supporting your decision to build your dream house at the South Lakes new home neighborhood with statistics and facts, as number three on the top ten list showed that the town of Fuquay Varina ranks among the Best Places to Own a Home in North Carolina.

In the nerdwallet article, written by Sarah Schweppe, the process in compiling the top ten “Best Places for Homeownership in North Carolina” was told, as they researched 59 cities with populations of higher than 15,000 to analyze and decide which offered potential homeowners the best value. Three questions were “asked” in deciding the top ten, starting with “Are homes available?” The second question in the ranking process was, “Can you afford to live there?,” with the last being “Is this area growing?” Considering each of these questions in their criteria, the town of Morrisville placed eighth among all cities statewide.

Specifically talking to the lofty ranking of the town, Schweppe said, “Fuquay-Varina has a homeownership rate of 74.6% and monthly homeowner costs here take up 29% of median monthly household income, according to data crunched by NerdWallet. The median home value in this town is $192,700. With a bustling Parks and Recreation department, Fuquay-Varina provides many free opportunities for family fun. The department is responsible for 18 park sites, a youth sports program, senior programs, and summer camps.” She concluded, “Residents of Fuquay-Varina have access to six public schools, as well as to Wake Technical Community College, located in the 17 miles between Fuquay-Varina and Raleigh.

It should come as no surprise with its steady growth and friendly new home communities such as South Lakes that Fuquay Varina ranks among Best Places to Own a Home in North Carolina. To see the entire top ten list and the exact system used in compiling the top ten list, visit http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/cities/best-cities-homeownership-northcarolina/.