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It’s Back, and It’s a Dash More Festive: 2021 Celebrate Fuquay Varina Festival

After a year in 2020 where we saw outdoor festivals nationwide…
September 16, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Fuquay Varina Concert Series Finally Returning for its Fifth Year

After a Summer and Fall season in 2020 without live music and…
September 8, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

North Carolina College Football Ready to Take the Field for 2021

A successful 2020 season saw them finish ranked in the Top 20…
September 2, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Staying “in the Loop” With More North Carolina Waterfalls

Continuing along with our second and final post on the glorious…
August 19, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Enjoy the Beauty of the Waterfalls of North Carolina

We have talked of the many beautiful outdoor sights and sounds…
August 12, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Final Countdown: The Three Top Restaurants in Raleigh

We have counted down the Top Restaurants in Raleigh in our preceding…
August 5, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best Raleigh Restaurants: Tradition Rising to the Top

In our previous post, we started listing the top ten Best Raleigh…
July 22, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best Restaurants in Raleigh are Just Around the Corner

It was a long and vital decision-making process, to move your…
July 15, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Fuquay Varina Growers Market is Back

The previous 14-15 months had us wondering when we would enjoy…
July 8, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The “Rocket Red Glare” Return with 2021 Fuquay Varina Independence Day Celebration

Sure, we always celebrate our independence and the birth of…
June 23, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Raleigh Summer Concerts Return in a Big Way

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer of 2020 had many traditional…
June 17, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

New Raleigh Restaurants for 2021 Offer Plenty of Fresh Tastes in Town

Any owner or even patrons of restaurants nationwide can attest.…
June 14, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best North Carolina State: Beauty Meets History Parks

So, to this point, we have shown you the way toward ten of the…
May 29, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

A Holiday Getaway? Or a North Carolina Memorial Day Tradition

As you have come to discover since relocating to your new home…
May 21, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Make The Best State Parks in NC Your Summer Getaway

Maybe you realized it and had forgotten. Possibly it had just…
May 15, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best NC State Parks are Where You Want to Be this Summer

When the dampness of Spring finally subsides and fully gives…
April 22, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best Raleigh Hot Dog Joints : Well Known and Well Deserved

Just as we looked at in the first of our two part series in…
April 15, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Hot Diggity Dog…Where to Get the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh

You have lived at your new home in Fuquay Varina at South Lakes…
April 8, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

NC Mom and Pop Restaurants: The Best Home Cooking Statewide

Home Cooking. You know the term. So, maybe you haven't had much…
March 25, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

North Carolina is one of America’s Most Beautiful States: Check Out the Beautiful NC Scenery at These Locations to See Why

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While we…
March 11, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team
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