• North Carolina Beaches Our Top Picks

    Often North Carolina's beaches are the most talked-about feature when referring to North Carolina real estate, and rightfully so. North Carolina is an East Coast state with several beautiful and historic beaches North Carolina along the coast. The Outer Banks North Carolina Beaches stretch across a large portion of the…

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North Carolina Beaches

North Carolina Beaches Our Top Picks

Often North Carolina's beaches are the most talked-about feature…
November 25, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team
Best Autumn Desserts in North Carolina

Best Autumn Desserts in North Carolina

Ready for the Best Autumn Desserts in North Carolina?

November 17, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Spectacular Holiday Events 2021

It's not the Holidays until the Christmas tree lighting ceremony!…
November 10, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants: Who’s Number One?

So, we have been through seven of the ten Top Fuquay Varina…
October 21, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

A Delicious Look at More of the Best Fuquay Varina Restaurants

We walked you through the number 10-7 best Fuquay Varina Restaurants…
October 14, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Top Restaurants in Fuquay Varina as Reviewed by You

Since you have moved your family to your new home in Fuquay…
October 7, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

It’s Back, and It’s a Dash More Festive: 2021 Celebrate Fuquay Varina Festival

After a year in 2020 where we saw outdoor festivals nationwide…
September 16, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Fuquay Varina Concert Series Finally Returning for its Fifth Year

After a Summer and Fall season in 2020 without live music and…
September 8, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

North Carolina College Football Ready to Take the Field for 2021

A successful 2020 season saw them finish ranked in the Top 20…
September 2, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Staying “in the Loop” With More North Carolina Waterfalls

Continuing along with our second and final post on the glorious…
August 19, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Enjoy the Beauty of the Waterfalls of North Carolina

We have talked of the many beautiful outdoor sights and sounds…
August 12, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Final Countdown: The Three Top Restaurants in Raleigh

We have counted down the Top Restaurants in Raleigh in our preceding…
August 5, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best Raleigh Restaurants: Tradition Rising to the Top

In our previous post, we started listing the top ten Best Raleigh…
July 22, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best Restaurants in Raleigh are Just Around the Corner

It was a long and vital decision-making process, to move your…
July 15, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Fuquay Varina Growers Market is Back

The previous 14-15 months had us wondering when we would enjoy…
July 8, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The “Rocket Red Glare” Return with 2021 Fuquay Varina Independence Day Celebration

Sure, we always celebrate our independence and the birth of…
June 23, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

Raleigh Summer Concerts Return in a Big Way

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer of 2020 had many traditional…
June 17, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

New Raleigh Restaurants for 2021 Offer Plenty of Fresh Tastes in Town

Any owner or even patrons of restaurants nationwide can attest.…
June 14, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

The Best North Carolina State: Beauty Meets History Parks

So, to this point, we have shown you the way toward ten of the…
May 29, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team

A Holiday Getaway? Or a North Carolina Memorial Day Tradition

As you have come to discover since relocating to your new home…
May 21, 2021/by SouthLakes Sales Team
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