“Bring the Indoors Outside” In Your Next New South Lakes Home

One of the most popular trends with new homes being built is seeing more homeowners look for ways of entertaining outside as well as indoors, with decks, patios, and porches getting a whole new look as a result.

One major way that families currently building a new home are “bringing the indoors outside,” is by creating separate living spaces with in their deck. This trend has seen many opt to keep furniture, such as end tables, couches, and in some cases even rugs and standing lamps in a separate part of their deck from the traditional grilling area. Multi-level decks and unique floor plans have also become common in creating these outdoor living spaces. The aforementioned grilling area has evolved as well, seeing many creating more of a full kitchen type space on their deck or patio. Food prep counters, sinks, refrigerators, and even ovens in some cases have joined the grill as popular additions to the “new look” outdoor cooking areas.

Another option in outdoor living that is gaining popularity is the use of different materials in the actual building of one’s deck. While different types of wood do remain very popular, it is not uncommon to see more diverse choices in the lumber, such as hardwoods and the use of colored stains and deck brighteners. Many new homeowners are also looking to “go green” in building a deck, looking at pine or other wood grown and harvested in sustainable forests to be used in their construction. Natural stone has become an extremely popular choice in deck building as both a primary material and as a decorative addition. Aluminum, glass, and iron are also options in accenting and adding décor to the outdoor living area.

It seems no new deck or patio would be complete lately without what some refer to as “deck-cessories.” The earlier mentioned outdoor furniture is a good example of this, with many of the new trends ranging from the more common, low voltage lighting and sound systems to the somewhat more extravagant, movie projectors, decorative awnings, and spas.

Looking for that perfect new home or lot to create a fabulous outdoor living area? One that you want to customize and make all “your own?” The ideas are endless, and with our local professional builder team ready to help you customize your new home, you too can “bring the indoors outside” on your new deck, patio, or porch before you know it. Visit one of the many new homes available or in the planning stages at South Lakes today.