Building Trends in the Kitchen

With many people purchasing or building new homes, the role of the Building Trends in the Kitchen continue to be one that continues to change to satisfy the needs of the new home owners that are expressing a renewed interest in making and preparing their own food at home and utilizing the room for entertaining guests as well. Causing the look and feel of the room to change are several hot trends that have been growing in popularity throughout 2013.

One of these Building Trends in the Kitchen has seen the removal of separation between the room and neighboring ones. It is very often that new houses are seeing the kitchen extend out into the living or dining rooms and even in some cases right outside. A large center island is in many cases taking the place of a dining room as it offers a more social setting in the room. Another somewhat new trend in kitchens are seeing more people select solid surface composites such embedded with quartz, recycled glass, and various other materials for their countertops as opposed to solid granite or marble. Concrete is also seeing a surge in popularity in this area, as it opens unlimited possibilities in shaping and color choices for a countertop. Metal wrapped and butcher-block tops have also become commonplace in the kitchen counters of many new houses. Hardwood flooring has become another popular of these Building Trends in the Kitchen in the past year  as opposed to the more conventional tile and linoleum that have become expected in the room. Light colors in the hardwood, whitewashed forms, and wider planking than would be seen in other rooms in the house are all becoming more common in the kitchen with new home owners.

Even appliances have taken on somewhat of a new look in the modern kitchen trends, as many people are choosing to free up counter space by having them built in to the cabinets. Brighter and more vibrant colored appliances are also seeing an upward trend. The kitchen sink has also seemingly become a fashion statement of sorts for many of the new kitchens, with deep one bowl models that have a taller faucet that allows more room for pot and pan washing showing up more and more frequently.

The kitchen of today has progressed to where it has almost become the main focus point of the home in some cases. As these popular new trends continue, it would seem that a family’s kitchen will continue to show more of the homeowner’s style and personality in the months and even years to come.