Bathroom Design Ideas for 2015

Whether you are building your new dream house at Fuquay Varina’s South Lakes new homecommunity, or already settled in and looking to add a splash of excitement to the interior of your home, has compiled a list along with four award-winning designers detailing some of the most unique and popular Bathroom Design Ideas for 2015.

With over a dozen fresh new trends included in their list of Bathroom Design Ideas for 2015, the first trend spoken of in the Forbes article was “feature floor tiles” to add “style without overwhelming the space.” Natural beauty was the second trend, and was explained by designers Simona Castagna and Darren Genner by saying, “drawing design inspiration from nature is a great way to warm a typically very hard room of the house and infuse the space with a calming vibe.” The addition of plants to the bathroom, a bigger and more spacious master bathroom, “clever water control,” which spoke of double showers and more user-friendly fixtures, and freestanding bathtubs were the next four Bathroom Design Ideas for 2015 that were detailed in the piece.

The seventh listing of the 12 that made the Forbes’ list of Bathroom Design Ideas for 2015 was custom vanities, as opposed to those which are mass produced. Geometric tiles was yet another trend which the designers felt would continue to see an upswing in popularity this year. According to designer, Jasmine McClelland, “geometric tiles are a great design solution for those who wish to add depth and visual interest to a plain, neutral space, but without the use of bright, arresting tones.” Bigger showers came in as the number nine entry on the list, while sustainable style was the tenth entry.

Designer Jordan Smith predicted that “bathrooms reflecting the rest of the home,” would also continue to be seen more and more over the next year. Explaining this “move toward bathing zones that are designed in a way that makes them look and feel like an extension of the living room, rather than a traditional bathroom, he noted, “The bathroom seems like it’s becoming more of a feature of the house.” The growing popularity of “gray tones.”

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