North Carolina is one of America’s Most Beautiful States: Check Out the Beautiful NC Scenery at These Locations to See Why


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While we have to agree that is true, sometimes a majority can actually speak volumes about beauty. When a recent annual poll placed the “Tar Heel State” as the United States’ 13th most beautiful state, we thought we would offer up some examples of why NC received such high billing. Also, since your recent move to a new home in Fuquay-Varina at the South Lakes community makes this your new home state, we have listed for you below 10 “easy-to-visit” towns featuring the most incredible and Beautiful NC Scenery.

If you think about the beauty statewide in North Carolina, there are so many impressive sights to see. Beaches, mountains, waterfalls, greenway trails, and so many overlooks all help to show off the varying types of Beautiful NC Scenery statewide.

Ten Towns That Showcase and Epitomize the Beautiful NC Scenery

1) Beaufort 

This small and popular coastal town sets right on the water along Beaufort Inlet. Whether up early for the amazing sunrises or grabbing a seat on the beach to soak in an incredible sunset, Beaufort is Beautiful NC Scenery morning, noon, and night. In addition to sun-up and down, for a real visual treat and experience, check out the views from the ferry ride to Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout.

2) Blowing Rock

The earlier mention of “overlooks” need to look no further than the next spot for Beautiful NC Scenery is Blowing Rock. Climb all the way to the top for amazing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. If not up for a climb, it’s ok, check out all the beauty and glory of the town’s charming historic district and enjoy.

3) Edenton

Awe-inspiring. Jaw-dropping. These are not terms that are thrown in front of just any natural backdrop or landscape. Consequently, these are words to describe Beautiful NC Scenery that is above and beyond the normal. These are words to describe the gorgeous architecture and the historical significance that goes hand in hand with the eye-catching beauty that is the town of Edenton

4) Sylva

Let me see if this sounds at all familiar? A beautiful town surrounded by rich greens and amazing mountain views. Well, sure many Carolina towns can say that to some extent, but almost none can compare to the Beautiful NC Scenery in the charming little town of Sylva.

5) Bryson City

This Swain County, NC town has a slogan saying that it is the right spot if you’re looking to have a big vacation in a small town. Well, if you are someone who truly appreciates the beauty created by some of the landscapes in these “Tar Heel ” state towns, you would agree that while Bryson City is small, its Beautiful NC Scenery makes it at times seem larger than. life.

Beauty on the Water, Majesty in the Mountains: Five More Towns with Beautiful NC Scenery

For our last five entries (which are not listed in any particular order by the way) we will start out by the water and then conclude in some of the most gorgeous mountain ranges the eye could ever see.

6) Southport

Water surrounds you, as does Beautiful NC Scenery when in the coastal area of Southport. Many of the great views and pictures are lent an extra special look whether on the Cape Fear River or the big Atlantic “blue.” A happening and fun town on the water, boasting people just as beautiful as that scenery, this is one beach community that seems smarter than most.

7) Hot Springs

Yes, the Beautiful NC Scenery at Hot Springs is absolutely amazing. One of the more adventurous stops on our visit to these most scenic towns to see across NC. Take an adventurous rafting trip on the French Broad River. Go for a hike up Lover’s Leap Trail. Either or any way you slice it, you will see the incredible views from and around Hot Springs and should have no problem relaxing once ready to unwind.

8) Mount Airy

Can you say Mount Airy these days without beginning to whistle the classic theme music from the old Andy Griffith’s TV show? This Beautiful NC Scenery is unique to many of the other towns herein that the appearance of the town is its throwback look. A town steeped in nostalgia, there is still one heck of a view for all to enjoy, too. This truly is today’s answer to being stuck in simpler and calmer times in the new Mayberry USA.

9) Brevard 

This small town is a popular scenic stop just up the road a ways from the Blue Ridge Parkway. But give Brevard credit, the amazingly Beautiful NC Scenery is known statewide and this pretty mountain town’s beauty far exceeds its smaller number in population.

10) Burnsville

Both the Beautiful NC Scenery and a quaint downtown square in Burnsville is true serenity. Some of the most scenic and spectacular views anywhere are available from the state parks or the many overlooks in this mountain right near the Blue Ridge Parkway

Beautiful NC Scenery at South Lakes and Beyond!

After walking through each of these eye capturing towns and places and their Beautiful NC Scenery it comes as no wonder in retrospect why so many people can agree on the beauty. This is because there is always something for everyone depending on what your trip preferences. So if you love the mountains, or the beaches, or even waterfalls and just miles and miles of green space, by all means, soak in the beauty that is available and with so many stops on this trip by all means you too enjoy the serenity that goes with good things happening statewide.

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