Hot Diggity Dog…Where to Get the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh


You have lived at your new home in Fuquay Varina at South Lakes long enough now to appreciate the area. Local entertainment, amenities, and food options are fantastic. Even more vast and just a short drive from your new home is the city of Raleigh. Here you have seemingly endless options, especially in the food and drink department. In this post, we will focus on one particular food item. That item is one that’s about as American as it gets. Jump in the car and follow along. We are set to take you to the locations of the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh.

Hot dogs are no doubt an American Classic. In this day and age of “clean eating” and “going meatless,” hot dogs can even be had in the plant-based or “veggie” form. There are numerous classic hot dog toppings, styles, and ways of preparation. Regardless, what you will find below is what we and local Raleigh residents voiced in the publication, Indy Week, as the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh.

Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh : All Across the U.S.

We all have heard of the different ways that a hot dog is prepared. Different parts of the country with their own tasty and unique styles. Eventually, with people relocating and wanting to have their own “taste of home” different styles were in all parts of the country. Luckily for us lovers of the frankfurter, some of the most delicious are made perfectly right in the Triangle area. Even if not perfectly made, they are no doubt delicious, as they wound up among the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh.

Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs, Durham-“The Yankee Dog”

Don’t let the big huge hot dog squirting condiments on itself at the door scare you away… At either of the two Durham locations, Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs makes a delicious frank. Standing out among the crowd is their “Yankee Dog.” Earning its spot among the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh is this tribute to the “Big Apple” with tangy sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard.

Cloos’ Coney Island- Raleigh- “Chicago Style Dog”

The perfect setting for a dynamite dog! This entry of the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh has a 1950’s drive-in feel including red vinyl swivel stools and black and white checkerboard floors. Getting on to the “Chicago style” goodness, they surely do the “Windy City” proud. Tomato slices, pickle spear, mustard, onions, peppers, “neon” relish, and celery salt top this delightful dog that they serve on a poppy seed bun.

Sup Dogs- Chapel Hill- “The Hawaiian Dog”

Ok, New York, check. Chicago, check. Both almost expect to have a representative among the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh. However, the next “location” dog takes us off the mainland on to the islands of Hawaii. This dog was is on the list by Business Insider as the fifteenth best hot dog in the entire United States. Made with pineapple, honey mustard and a special Sup Dog sauce, this is no doubt one “hula” of a hot dog.

Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Is there a more All-American pairing than a hot dog at a baseball game? Personally, we don’t think so. So, the next entrant to the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh takes you out “to the ballgame.”

Durham Bulls Athletic Park- Durham- The “Ballpark Dog”

At one point the Durham Bulls mascot, Wool E. Bull uses the equivalent of a “t-shirt cannon” for hot dogs. This is to launch these dogs into the crowd. So, you no longer may get hit by a “ball playing Bull.” But there is nothing left to say but a great hot dog at the ballpark other than welcome to the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh club. 

In our follow up and second post in the search for the Best Hot Dogs in Raleigh, we will look at the “local legends.” These are four spots that in the Raleigh and Durham area are known for their franks and one taste and you’ll know why.

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