The Best Pizza in Raleigh is Minutes Away: Which is Your Pick?

Almost everywhere you go, people have their own traditional or “local” preference when it comes to restaurants and dining. Now that you have settled into your new home at South Lakes, you get the great tastes in Fuquay Varina. However, you are just minutes from one of NC’s most diversified cities when it comes to food, Raleigh. When speaking of food, there are so many types and specialty eateries to choose from. In this post, we will cover the best local stops for what is always a popular dining choice, pizza. Now, we can’t guarantee you will choose each of these as your number one. However, we do think that you will agree that these restaurants are among those with the Best Pizza in Raleigh.

Now, with pizza, we realize there are many transplants and relocation residents in. the area. Thus, there is always bound to be some debate when we talk about the Best Pizza in Raleigh. But whether you favor NY style, deep dish, wood-fired, or any other way the “slice it,” the 25-40-minute drive will be more than worth it.

Restaurants with The Best Pizza in Raleigh

Oakwood Pizza Box

Now, to be clear, we are not listing our Best Pizza in Raleigh selections in any particular order. That being said, Oakwood Pizza Box, located on North Person Street in Raleigh is on every “Top Pizza” list for the “Capital City” that we could find. Owner and pizza maker extraordinaire, Antony Guerra describes Oakwood as “simple, fun, and incredibly delicious.” He continued speaking about his pizza shop, which sits at the edge of Raleigh’s historic Oakwood neighborhood, noting as follows.

” We want to bring back the nostalgia of the pizza we grew up eating and the atmosphere with our families.” We couldn’t think of a better description for you and your family and a night out for some delicious pies. Oh, and the incredibly tasty pizza’s at Oakwood has been serving since its 2017 opening certainly weigh into our decision, too.

Poole’side Pies

ManyRaleigh food enthusiasts are very familiar with the name of chef Ashley Christensen and her fantastic eateries. The award-winning Christensen’s sixth downtown Raleigh “food spot,” located on South McDowell Street, is our next choice for the Best Pizza in Raleigh.

Specializing in thin-crust or Neapolitan pies, all of Poole’side’s pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven. Maybe it’s the local flour in the dough? possibly the organic, fresh tomatoes? Or the house made mozzarella that keeps this shop [ on the top of the Best Pizza in Raleigh lists. But, one thing is for certain, and that is everybody seems to agree after one taste that Poole’side Pies is worth the trip.

Frank’s Pizza

Almost all longtime Raleigh natives will give you this as the answer to Best Pizza in town. If not atop the list, it is a pretty safe bet, that Frank’s Pizza on New Bern Avenue will at minimum get mentioned. A true hidden gem of a family-style pizzeria, Frank’s has been making some of the Best Pizza in Raleigh for three decades running.

Specialty pizza has been a long time favorite at Frank’s including the “local legend” that is the “Rio Ranch” pizza. Loaded with bacon, fresh tomato, ranch dressing, and extra mozzarella, it’s hard to go wrong with that Frank’s classic. But again, you will have to take the journey and decide for yourself.

Trophy Brewing Company

If a fresh, artisan-style pizza is your idea of the Best Pizza in Raleigh, then boy, have we got a place for you. Since first opening its doors on West Morgan Street in 2012, Trophy has delighted locals with some of the tastiest brews in town in addition to their regular inclusion in the Best Pizza in Raleigh talks. 

Daily pie specials include a seasonal meat pizza and one veggie as well that are limited-time offerings due to the shop using fresh, local seasonal ingredients on them. But whether you try the special or go with your own “go-to” pie, you are going to want to give Trophy a taste.

Gino’s Pizza

Hey! Fuhgeddaboudit!!! If it is authentic New York-style pie that you are craving, then the last of our Best Pizza in Raleigh entries is the one for you. Gino’s Pizza on Glenwood avenue and owner, Gino Romano has been serving up the best NY pie this side of the Empire State Building for years now. 

The locals all know of Gino’s signature huge pizzas, with the signature vine-ripe sauce, and just the right crunch to the crust. So, feel free to take a trip to “Mange” as they used to in the “old neighborhood over heee,” and get a taste of NY as you try some of the Best Pizza in Raleigh.

The Best Pizza in Raleigh: How far Are They from You at South Lakes???

Each of our choices for the Best Pizza in Raleigh are a pretty fast zip up the road from your new home at South Lakes. The following distance and times are according to Google Maps.

  • Oakwood Pizza Box- 29 minutes (17.5 miles)
  • Poole’side Pies– 25 minutes (16.3 miles)
  • Frank’s Pizza– 30 minutes (18.9 miles)
  • Trophy Brewing Company– 29 minutes (17.0 miles)
  • Gino’s Pizza– 40 minutes (26.5 miles)

Can’t make it to Raleigh Today? Never Fear We’ve Got Our Top Fuquay Varina Pizza Choice Near

Its tough to choose with the huge selection of amazing pizza joints in Raleigh. However, some nights we all don’t have the time even for that 20 minute ride. Thus, in the case that there just isn’t enough time, you can stay local. We decided to look to our friends at TripAdvisor, and to you, the customer for Fuquay-Varina pizza. In doing this, we have one Best Pizza in Raleigh choice that is minutes from your doorstep at South Lakes We won’t ask you to take our word for it on the pizza. We will let an actual customer tell you how good it truly is.

Anna’s Pizzeria

Literally a couple of minutes from your doorstep is the highest rated pizza shop here in Fuquay-Varina. Anna’s Pizzeria is located at 138 South Main Street. Likewise, anyone local can tell you, their pie will hold up against any. As we note above though, don’t take our word for it. Below is an actual customer comment made at Trip Advisor, raving about the downtown Fuquay pizzeria.

“LOVE their pizza! We’ve tried other pizzerias around Wake County and find Anna’s to be the best.” They continue with the compliments. “Watching the cooks in the kitchen while waiting for takeout, I was impressed with their eye to detail and team work. Now…the food. With out question the BEST Sicilian pizza in the county. ” On top of this glowing review, we think the Anna’s experience can be spoken for in one sentence from the following review from an out-of state visitor. “Our favorite pizza restaurant when visiting NC. We haven’t sampled many of their other menu items but if they are as good as the pizza you can’t go wrong.”

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