Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC


When making the all-important decision of where to pick up the family and move to the secret has been out on the Raleigh NC area for a while. Anyone searching to relocate has seen the countless accolades and reasons behind the allure of the region. One of the biggest factors is the rich and thriving job market. Just as this was a big component in you deciding that our new home in Fuquay-Varina put you directly in that great Raleigh and Triangle area job market, so have countless others. In this post, we will look at why the market in this area is plentiful. Likewise, we will go through the Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC as well.

In your family’s quest for a new dream location, you wound up at the South Lakes new home community. As we mention above, an obvious decision-maker in your choice was the employment opportunity. So, why exactly does the Raleigh area job market continue to thrive? What exactly do all these publications and websites cite as the reasoning behind continuously acknowledging the Triangle employment chances? Well, in the paragraphs to follow, we will touch on this. Consequently, we will also list some of the Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC, too.

What Makes the Raleigh Job Market So Alluring?

Of all of the previously mentioned publications, one of the most respected and trusted by people preparing to move is the U.S. News and World Report. Their analysis of almost every facet you can imagine of places across the country is regarded as second to none. This trusted resource gives solid numbers and facts to support the strong employment that is available in the Raleigh area.

In explaining the great Raleigh job market, it was said. “The over 7,000-acre Research Triangle Park (RTP) provides nearly 40,000 residents with full-time employment.” Further detailing why RTP sees such continuous “good health” with employment opportunities, they continue. “RTP is affiliated with the region’s three universities. Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University, and is home to notable institutions like the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.” 

Adding to the reasoning behind the constant need for more employees in the area it concludes. “RTP is credited with fueling roughly 1,800 startups since the 1970s. Besides the big companies, the area’s major universities not only act as big employers but also provide talent to the major industries.”

What are The Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC? How Is This Decided?

As apparent from above, the need for skilled and competent employees especially in these major fields is constant. Since you have decided to call South Lakes home to have a close commute to the Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC, we will look specifically at these companies. In doing so, we again refer to a highly respected source, this time, one which focuses more precisely on careers and jobs, Zippia. 

To briefly explain, Zippia is a group of experts in technology, engineering, and marketing who through a shared passion to better educate and improve career options and outcomes for all. In May of 2015, this team founded and became Zippia. They have become what they describe as “the most intelligent and personalized resource for your career questions.”

Thus, in their quest to provide answers, the Zippia experts compile a list each year in major cities of the best employers. Basing their research on salaries, employee diversity, and financial health, what follows, using their detailed methods is the Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC.

Zippia’s Top Five Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC

What follows is a brief overview of the Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC in the most recent tally from Zippia. The top five ranked in their study are as follows in order.

Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC

1) Red Hat

Number one among Best Places to Raleigh NC is Red Hat, Inc. This a software company that is actually owned by IBM. The corporate headquarters for this thriving company is in Raleigh. It was founded in 1993.

Red Hat boasts a very diverse workplace, with over 35 percent of the workforce being female. Likewise, the Red hat team is comprised of 44.9 percent of employees who are ethnic minorities. The company has an average wage in the six-figure range ($106,018) and a true industry leader with upwards of 10,500 total employees.

2) Martin Marietta

A supplier of heavy building material and aggregates whose operation stretches across 26 States, the country of Canada, and the Caribbean, number two for Best Places to Work in Raleigh is Martin Marietta.

Martin Marietta specifically is a company that supplies resources for foundations, roads, and sidewalks. While not so much as Red Hat, the company still has a diverse workforce, with over 20 percent of employees being female and 36.2 percent being from ethnic backgrounds. Also founded in 1993, in Marietta employees on the average make in excess of $55K per year. The company employs over 8,000 people.

3) Safety-Kleen Systems

One of the older, but always thriving employers in NC, Safety-Kleen Systems was founded in 1963. They offer environmental services and processes that include waste management and used oil recycling among other things. 

Like our two previous companies, Safety-Kleen’s staff is very diverse, with 36.6 percent being ethnic minorities and nearly a quarter of the staff being female. They employ about 4,500 people, and their average worker brings home $57,435 annually.

4) PRA Health Sciences

This contract research organization was founded in 1982 and was made a public company in late 2014. PRA Health is extremely diverse with 56 percent of its workforce being female. On top of that, another 37.1 percent are ethnic minorities.

PRA Health employs just under 16,000 people. The average PRA employee at this entrant among our Best Places to Work in Raleigh NC makes $77,833.

5) Progress Energy

A subsidiary of Duke Energy, Progress Energy, before merging with Duke was a Fortune 500 company. It was initially founded in 1925 and they currently employ over 11,000 people in the Raleigh area.

Like all of our top five Best Places to Work in Raleigh, Progress has a very diverse employee pool, with nearly 35 percent being female and almost 40 percent of employees being ethnic minorities.To see more on the Best Places to Work in Raleigh according to the experts at Zippia, visit For more on the South Lakes new home community, visit