Breweries in Fuquay Varina: Celebrating the Craft


Continuing our series on Breweries in Fuquay Varina, we will visit two more popular establishments. This will be the second and final post in our series, and we will again look at these thriving members of the downtown Fuquay community and as one of those businesses says, “Celebrate the Craft.”

Oaklyn Springs Brewery features a wide variety of their own craft brews at their taproom location (pictured at top of page)

“Celebrating the Craft” at Oaklyn Springs Brewery

Oaklyn Brewery is located at 2912 North Main Street. According to their website, the company “grew up just a few miles from its current location.” Going further in detail about the company’s history at, they explain the following . “Harvested from a rich home brewing history, a few friends wanted to share great craft beer with the local community, while staying true to the craft.” 

That being said, “staying true to the craft” they have indeed. Currently, the brewery offers no less than a dozen unique Oaklyn Springs brews at their taproom. Likewise, they host a variety of social events that include painting parties, yoga classes, music bingo and more. Also, with several local food partners and food trucks as regular visitors, you can bring an appetite to go along with your thirst at Oaklyn Springs. 

The Aviator Tap House (pictured) is located at 600 E. Broad St. in downtown Fuquay.

“Taste the Adventure” at Aviator Brewing Company

The Aviator Brewing Company has grown leaps and bounds since first opening in 2008. Initially located in an airplane hanger, this institution of downtown Fuquay has expanded even beyond the label of Breweries in Fuquay Varina.

Currently, the actual Aviator Brewing Company, where the actual product is brewed is at  209 Technology Park Lane. However, East Broad Street in downtown Fuquay, Aviator occupies buildings 525, 600,m and 601. 

The Aviator Tap House is at 600 E. Broad, while across the street (601 E. Broad) sits the Aviator Pizza and Beer Shop. The 525 E. Broad St. location houses the Aviator Smokehouse BBQ Restaurant. 

Thus, regardless of your craving for a fine craft beer, pizza, or some great BBQ, Aviator has you covered. For more details on Aviator Brewing Co. and all their locations, visit

Each of these downtown Breweries in Fuquay Varina are just a quick drive from your new home in the South Lakes new home community. For more information on either, check their official websites. For more information on the new homes at South Lakes, visit