Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping Has Something for Everyone


Moving right along in our series on downtown Fuquay Varina, we are past our art and history. Likewise, we are familiar with the breweries. But, now it’s time you “shop until you drop.” Well, we wouldn’t actually want anyone to drop. Regardless, below we introduce some of the most unique Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping options.

Once again, just so you don’t forget, the downtown area is just a couple of minutes from your new home in South Lakes. This gives you plenty of time to get some Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping done and once finished being home in no time. 

Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping: Fabulous Fashion at Fabulous Prices

Ok, now as with much smaller town, downtown shopping areas, some of the most special and unique places you can find are the boutiques or clothing stores. possibly the “pride” of Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping. Again, all of the one-of-a-kind clothing shops downtown in Fuquay are well worth checking out, but below are three we know you don’t want to miss.

Cousin Couture

We borrowed our subheading from this Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping stop, as Cousin Couture is known for its fabulous fashion at fabulous prices. All of the coolest and latest trends in clothing, dresses, shoes, accessories, and more. They boast new inventory on a daily basis, giving you a chance to find that perfect new look every single day.

Elmo’s Clothing

Thenext two clothing stores on our Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping spree both carry some of the finest threads a gentleman could ever see. On the contrary, even if not a gentleman, any of the guys out there are gonna love these places! First is Elmo’s Clothing. They feature two main options for men’s apparel. First, they have some of the nicest suits in town and an on-site tailor/alterations area to get you the perfect fit. Likewise, Elmo’s has both a shoe and accessories section that is tough to compare to. 

Ashworth’s Clothing

The second men’s clothing shop among our Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping is Ashworth’s Clothing. This is another of the downtown Fuquay stores that fit the bill when referred to as iconic. Ashworth’s has been serving the greater Fuquay area for over eight decades. This store is known for its fine men’s clothing and accessories. Much like Elmo’s above, Ashworth’s also has a very good shoe selection. There is one major difference that is offered or for sale between these two men’s shops. That being at Ashworth they also boast an impressive selection of cigars.

Shopping Downtown? Has to be the Shoppes? Or the Other Shops?

The Shoppes on Main

Located deep in the heart of downtown on, that’s right Main Street! The 30 unique and alluring shops making up the Shoppes on Main are always a destination for those doing some Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping. From upscale boutique items to unique novelty gifts. With gourmet food available or a full-service salon, the “Shoppes” epitomizes the spirit of the entrepreneur.

Something You

A woman’s boutique that has exactly what its name says waiting, “Something You.” This stop in among the Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping has apparel and clothing with fits that are designed for various body types. Their slogan claims that they “specialize” in age-appropriate clothes and the shop also has a great selection of gorgeous jewelry too.

RC Hobby

Now we all know that any racing is good racing here in NC. So, for our final destination, or shall we say, let’s “drop the checkered flag” on our Downtown Fuquay Varina Shopping at RC Hobby. Ok, so it “radio-controlled” or “remote-controlled” vehicles. (Guess that depends on which era you grew up in?) But, whatever you call them, RC Hobby is heaven if you are a collector, competitor, or just think RC cars are really cool. This family-owned and operated store also features an indoor track, where the speedy RC cars do battle in some always high-speed competition.

With All this Shopping, It Seems One Could Work up an Appetite?!?

Now, as we move along in our Downtown Fuquay Varian Shopping series, we head out of the clothing or specialty stores and grab a seat for a delicious bite to eat. In our next blog entry, we will take a look at some of the “can’t miss” Downtown Fuquay Varina restaurants.

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