Art, History, and Culture: A Little of Each in Downtown Fuquay Varina


The search is over, and your family couldn’t be happier with its move to the South Lakes new home community. You carefully selected a neighborhood known for its safety and community spirit. Likewise, the same could be said about the town of Fuquay Varina as well. One of the fastest rising towns in suburban Raleigh, Fuquay gives you some of the most unique and modern selections in restaurants, shopping, art, and entertainment. Consequently, all this great stuff is just minutes away from your new dream house in the Downtown Fuquay Varina.

Sure, we know that being just 15 minutes from Raleigh puts you in a great location for a lot of these same social options and all the perks of the “big city” life. However, being a community known to support their businesses and given the amazing array of great activities and destinations, Downtown Fuquay Varina certainly has many unique option s also. In this first post in a series on Downtown Fuquay Varina, we will look at four spots that are iconic in the ‘Quay. Each of which offers a small look into not only the town’s arts and. culture, but also its rich and storied history.

Let’s Start with Art in Downtown Fuquay Varina

The Fuquay Varina Arts Center

This was a building that was many years in the making. Once approved and constructed, though, all agree that this was immediately a main feature of Downtown Fuquay Varina and would be for many years to come. Featuring a 264-seat theater, various studios and classrooms, and an art gallery, this truly is the hub of a bustling art scene in Fuquay Varina. Whether to see a film or play, attend a special event, or just to check out the talented local artists on display, the Arts Center is a community favorite for sure.

The Fuquay-Varina “Mega Mural”

Nothing screams community spirit like a work of art depicting one’s actual community. Well, I guess other things could compare, however, for a painting this really captures the essence of this friendly, welcoming, and beautiful North Carolina town. The bright and boldly colored mural was done by resident Sean Kernick and it depicts the American flag proudly flying high above the city’s landmarks and natural destinations. 

Fuquay History Awaits just a “Little Ways Down the Track” 

The Fuquay-Varina Museums Complex

Sure, the Downtown Fuquay-Varina mural is a “huge” tip of the cap too the great history of Fuquay Varina. However, even more history awaits you and your family at the Fuquay-VarinaMuseums Complex. This group of Downtown Fuquay-Varina museums touches on many aspects of the town’s proud history. Below is a list of all museums in the Fuquay “Complex.”

  • The First Fuquay Post Office 
  • “Squire” Ballentine Schoolhouse
  • The Tobacco Barn
  • Norfolk Southern Caboose #375
  • The Centennial. Museum
  • The Johnson Playhouse

This rich and storied walk through Downtown Fuquay Varina can be arranged for a tour. Or you can go at it alone if you prefer. Tours can be set up during the hours in list form below. If you do go solo, it is asked that you start at the Centennial Museum.

  • Mondays- 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • Wednesdays- 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • “Festival” Days- 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Call it History, Call it Make Believe, But Some Call it Healing

Fuquay Mineral Spring Park   

The fourth and final stop we will direct you towards is a location synonymous with restoration and healing. Confused? Don’t be, this place we speak of is the Fuquay Mineral Spring Garden. Discovered over 60 years ago, in 1958, folks would travel to Downtown Fuquay Varina from miles around to visit. They’d partake in the washing or drinking of the mineral enriched spring water. At the time visitors and residents alike thought it had healing powers. Even today it provides a relaxing, outdoor space for visitors. Whether its powers are healing or not, well, that’s for you to decide. Check out the fully restored Spring house, scenic walking path, manicured, green spaces, and the picnic area, too.

All This Art and History in Downtown Fuquay Varina May Make You Thirsty…and You are in Luck

Whether the walk or the history make you thirsty or not is irrelevant, as the need for a beverage is simply the segue from this first post to the second in our series. In that blog entry, we will stay in Downtown Fuquay Varina and visit several places to get a great drink.

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