Shops, Stops, and Hops: More Downtown Raleigh Activities


Well, I think in our initial post on Downtown Raleigh Activities, we showed that despite restrictions, there are still many amazing, educational, and fun things going on in the “Capital City.” Since you have moved just a short distance up the road from Raleigh in Fuquay’s South Lakes new home community, you are in a prime location to enjoy all of the great Downtown Raleigh Activities.

In the first post of our series, we suggested some historic spots in the downtown area. Likewise, we told you of the many great museums as well as places to view some cool local art. Here is this second and final post on Downtown Raleigh Activities, we will lead you to some of the unique entertainment options, as well as some one-of-a-kind shops and much more.

Downtown Raleigh Activities for Date Night or Just an Evening with Friends

Yes, we know, even with social distancing and mask regulations, people still want to enjoy each other’s company in social settings. Whether going out on a date or getting a few good friends together, we all sometimes just need a “night on the town.”

Well, with the wide selection of Downtown Raleigh Activities, you are in luck, there are plenty of social events and establishments that you and your date or friends can still go and enjoy. Below, we list and briefly describe three places to spend a night out with friends.

  • Goodnights Comedy Club– This theatre venue has been a great way to have some laughs for years. With a full bar, a great menu, and featuring top names and world-class comedians on stage, Goodnights is always a good time.
  • The Tower Escapes– This is one of the more popular Downtown Raleigh Activities for dates. Choose from the three different themed rooms, work as a team to find and figure out clues and make your escape before time runs out!
  • Wine and Design Raleigh- Another great date night idea, enjoy a relaxing and fun atmosphere at Wine and Design. Sip a glass or two of wine while you create your very own works of art. You bring the food and refreshments; they provide the art supplies.

Make a Few Stops at Some Truly Unique Shops

Thereare plenty of things that make Raleigh’s downtown area special and unique. However, more so than any other one particular area that can be pointed at, the shops lining the streets give you a chance to purchase items, not necessarily available anywhere else in some cases. Independent clothing designs, cool accessories, gifts, antiques, and more are waiting for you to check out in this next of our Downtown Raleigh Activities.

Below is a list of shops you can check out as part of your Downtown Raleigh Activities. We placed each in a category and follow with a brief description.


  • House of Swank- A popular stop among Downtown Raleigh Activities for locally made fashion. Plenty of NC and Raleigh themed merchandise and gift ideas too.
  • Edge of Urge-  A shop specializing in handmade and independent designer clothes and accessories for men and women.
  • Raleigh Denim Workshop- Of course on name alone this is the stop for a great pair of jeans, but also check out the well-crafted denim hats, bags, and more.

Antiques and Gifts

  • Father and Son Antiques- Like taking a walk back in time. Antique furniture and decor, plus old records, vintage clothing and more from times gone by.
  • The Green Monkey- A true “old school” and welcoming atmosphere at this gift shop filled with local themed merchandise. As a bonus, this stop for Downtown Raleigh Activities has a beer bar with a very impressive list as well.