Quenching Your Thirst for Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina


Drinks. Not necessarily an “adult beverage,” but hey, there are plenty of those around too. In this, the second post in our series, we will again take you just minutes from your new home in Fuquay Varina. Likewise, we will introduce you to even more downtown destinations. For example, in this post, we will focus entirely on those establishments serving Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina.

Anything and everything. This describes what you can find in the impressive Downtown Fuquay area As stated last post, and above, this series will produce multiple entries, with each centered around local history, restaurants, and more. Thus, this post will bring you to the best places for fun and more specifically, for the best-made Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina.

Brewing Up Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina

There are several meanings you could take from our subheading as it would pertain to having some delicious Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina. Each of those possibilities will be discussed and explored throughout this second post of our downtown Fuquay series. However, to start, we will speak of “brewing” in a manner and beverage that have become synonymous with Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina. 

Beer. Local, and in many cases brewed right on site. Yes, there are a number of fine establishments in Fuquay that do their own brewing and do it well. We suggest you try and all of these now that you live just minutes away at South Lakes. But, until you get the chance to see for yourself, we have a few stops to recommend.

Aviator Brewing Tap House

Sometimes the words iconic or synonymous, as we just used above, might be a slight exaggeration when speaking of certain places in certain towns. Aviator fits either of these titles when we talk Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina. Although they have several locations, this one we speak of is the Aviator Brewing Tap House and has all of the many Aviator craft beers on tap. The actual tap house building itself was constructed in 1903, and long ago served as the Varina Train Depot. Well, thirsty travelers are sure happy that the “boarding station” has been long replaced with a beautiful 38-foot African mahogany bar and the countless choices of suds.

Mason Jar Lager Company

Our second stop off for Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina is another place just waiting to start “brewing” up some good times. (All right, corny, but still effective…) The Mason Jar focuses most of its craft brewing on its array of scrumptious lagers. Hence the company’s full name. Likewise, and again true to their name, the brews here are served in…you guessed it…a Mason Jar! Add in a regular schedule of food trucks on-site and special live music events held throughout the year, and you have one of the best experiences in town waiting at the Mason Jar.

Fainting Goat Brewing Company

Ok, we promise this list is not just going to be every brewhouse or taproom in Fuquay. However, we cannot promise that the one we mentioned isn’t going to be amazing. Fainting Goat Brewing Company gives off a certain, “it’s ok to feel at home here” vibe almost immediately. Their very own revolving selection of tasty brews coupled with delivery from any downtown restaurant, makes this another can’t miss visit on the trail of Drinks in Downtown Fuquay. Varina

Even More Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina!

Brickhouse Sports Bar and Grill

Ok, seriously, who doesn’t love a dive bar? Well, a clean one anyhow! That being said, the next place to run in for Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina is the bar and grill affectionately referred to as the town’s dive bar, the Brickhouse. With a bar type menu and chicken wings so good they are known throughout the community this exclusive stop is actually considered a private club. They feature a different theme with drink specials to match every single night and a solid variety with live music some nights and a DJ on others.

Now What was that Other Thing You Say You Brewed?

Sure, we started out with a triangle of craft breweries, but as alluded to above, not everyone drinks beer. However, its counterpart in “brewing” would be coffee. I think we all have watched how much some people love their coffee and at a couple of our destinations below, it’s coffee rather than beer that some folks desire. Since we are initiating the visits to downtown Fuquay, let us show you the path to that different type of “brew.”

Cultivate Coffee Roasters

Ah, yes, coffee. The warm nectar we all love to start out the day. Well, get ready for a true experience in coffee at this next place for Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina. From the incredibly warm greeting as you approach from the owners and baristas alike, to showcasing their entire process. Yes, from roasting their own beans through handing you a finished cup, Cultivate Coffee Roasters is a winning selection every time from top to bottom.

The Mill

Last, but certainly, not least is right up there with Aviator as the most iconic of shops for Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina, no question. Any local or nearby resident is familiar with the friendly atmosphere always in the air at the Mill. Whether you want a coffee, a glass of wine, or a beer for. one of the most incredible selections of NC brewed beers anywhere, the Mill is the place. The Mill is also a huge supporter of the local, live music scene, hosting events from time to time.

Once You Finish that Drink, Time to Hop Over to Some Shops

As we noted in our introduction, there are probably another half dozen to ten places for Drinks in Downtown Fuquay Varina that would provide you with an amazing experience. However, instead, we will continue along in our series about “all things” downtown Fuquay. That being said, the next post in our series will show you some of the unique and spectacular shops in downtown Fuquay. So set down the beverage and bring your fashion sense, as we will you soon.

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