Five Great Destinations for Family Fun in Raleigh

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Since settling into your new home in Fuquay Varina, you are getting familiar with the family activities locally. There are several great places and activities close by the South Lakes neighborhood for you and the kids to enjoy. However, with your new location, you have countless options a short drive away too. Consequently, less than a 30-minute drive away await these five spots for Family Fun in Raleigh.

No matter what their preference, there is something for all kids to enjoy in Raleigh, no doubt. Thus, whether it is a warm day to enjoy outdoors. Or, if it is a rainy or cool day you want to spend indoors. Either way, you can’t go wrong bringing the youngsters for a day of Family Fun in Raleigh at these destinations.

Family Fun in Raleigh at the Museums

For the first two of our five suggestions for Family Fun in Raleigh, we take to the museums. Now, yes, Raleigh does have some of the most educational museums anywhere in North Carolina. Likewise, the city plays host to a wide array of different museum subject matter. History, Art, Sports, and countless other areas of interest are represented with museums here. Consequently, when thinking of Family Fun in Raleigh, two museums specifically come to mind.

Marbles Kids Museum, 201 East Hargett Street, Raleigh

Situated directly in the heart of downtown, Marbles Kids Museum is a no-brainer for a day of Family Fun in Raleigh. Not only in. visiting Marbles do you have plenty of other walkable sights to see and enjoy, but this is a museum for kids from top to bottom. To list all of the exhibits and activities at Marbles would easily be a blog post by itself. 

That being said, this stop for Family Fun in Raleigh is an educational but unbelievably fun day for your youngsters. The interactive exhibits allow the ids to use their imagination and be creative in an atmosphere that is really like no other in the area. Basically, any parent with a young child in the area that has given Marbles a visit has made it a regular stop for Family Fun in Raleigh. Seeing its less than a 30-minute drive from the South Lakes neighborhood, we are pretty certain that once you give it a try, you will too.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, 11 West Jones Street, Raleigh

Described at their official website as a “high-performing nexus of research, collections, living collections, exhibitions, and digital media…,” the NC Museum of Natural Science is a world of awe-inspiring sights, sounds, and activities for the kids and adults alike.

Not only is this stop for Family Fun in Raleigh also an educational one, but the kids can get up close and personal here with many different types of birds, plants, animals, insects, and so much more. Much like above with Marbles, the NC Museum of Natural Science is at least a post on its own to cover, and possibly more! In another great similarity to Marbles, this downtown stop for Family Fun in Raleigh is also less than half an hour from the South Lakes community.

Family Fun in Raleigh at the Parks

As any reader of our blogs knows, the city of Raleigh and the surrounding area is host to some of the state’s most incredible parks. When talking Family Fun in Raleigh in regard to the parks, however, there are a few that certainly stand out among the crowd. While we no name a few more, to keep our Family Fun in Raleigh list to five destinations, these two parks are our choice for you and the kids.

Pullen Park, 520 Ashe Avenue, Raleigh

Once again, we refer back to our first entry here of our Family Fun in Raleigh options, as Pullen Park, much like Marbles is a staple for young families in Raleigh. Pullen Park is self-described as “the first public park in North Carolina, the 5th oldest operating amusement park in the U.S., and the 16th oldest in the world.” Thus, to say this park has a bit of history with generation after generation of Raleigh youth would be a huge understatement.

On top of standing the test of time, the activities at Pullen Park are seemingly endless. For starters, you can rent and ride a pedal boat or take a swim in the lake. Likewise, kids of all ages will want to take a ride on the park’s iconic carousel. Classes, arts and crafts, entertainment, and even a choice of several playgrounds await you in another under 30-minute drive from Family Fun in Raleigh. 

Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park, 1800 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh

We suppose this technically could have gone with our Family Fun in Raleigh museums. Sure, the Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park is on the grounds of the NC Museum of Art. But, for the purposes of this piece, we are speaking of the outdoor area and park itself. 

Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park boasts some of the most breath-taking natural scenery in Raleigh. Likewise, it gives your children tons of open space to enjoy. Camps each summer and revolving subjects for family classes and programs keep this a fresh destination. Just 23 miles from South Lakes (34 minutes), this is another educational stop for Family Fun in Raleigh.

Family Fun in Raleigh Gets “Extreme”

We have many times before taken a look at parks and museums in the area and the different things they feature. For our final entry in these ways to have Family Fun in Raleigh, we take a look at some activities that are sometimes called “extreme.” Yes, Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex is not your everyday “walk in the park” for the kids. However, for those children that have interests in bikes, skateboards, scooters, and the like, this will be a slice of heaven.

Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex, 171 Traditional Trail, Holly Springs

With a physical address in Holly Springs, this Family Fun in Raleigh activity actually brings us outside Raleigh city limits. However, with the uniqueness of the offerings here, we felt it was a needed addition to our listings. 

Just as you may think when you hear “extreme,” this indoor and outdoor venue provides a safe and very well structure place to hone a child’s skateboarding and BMX skills. There are areas that all skill level of children can be comfortable with, so regardless of being a beginner or a true daredevil, Daniel Dhers has the ramps and areas for you. On top of the sheer excitement of the family Fun in Raleigh at this venue, you also save a few minutes of travel. This is due to Holly Springs being just 22 minutes from your new home at South Lakes.

The Family Fun in Raleigh most definitely does not stop at just these five venues. However, given that you are now in your new home in Fuquay Varina at South Lakes, these easily drivable venues are worth taking the time to enjoy. For more information on the South Lakes new home community, visit

Photo Credit: Visit Raleigh