Finding a New Home in Fuquay Varina is Finding a New Home in One of the Fastest Growing Cities in NC


Many exciting things are going on in the town of Fuquay Varina and at the South Lakes new home community. Homes aMany exciting things are going on in the town of Fuquay Varina and at the South Lakes new home community. Homes sales in Fuquay Varina at South Lakes and North Lakes in 2019 were fantastic. Many new businesses Have also came to town in the past 12 months. Now, with New Homes in Fuquay Varina ready to begin construction, with Phase II at North Lakes, it comes as no surprise that the town’s positive growth is seeing it recognized moving ahead into 2020 as one of the state’s most rapidly growing towns. In actuality, Fuquay Varina is in the Top 5 Fastest Growing Cities in NC for the upcoming year among all 136 municipalities with at least 5,000 people statewide.

The pristine late Summer Weather in Fuquay-Varina is showcased in this beautiful sunny, September afternoon overlooking the 30-acre lake in the South Lakes neighborhood

Obviously, a steady increase in population has made Fuquay Varina one of the Fastest Growing Cities in NC. That being said, let’s take a look at what exactly the allure is that has new home buyers and area relocation prospects setting their sights on Fuquay.

If you have read the South Lakes blog throughout 2019, I think you have seen why Fuquay is among the Fastest Growing Cities in NC. For those who have not kept up with the great things leading to the town’s inclusion in the Fastest Growing Cities in NC, we will highlight these areas and, likewise, provide links to the full details/articles we had initially posted. These factors include safety, schools, weather, and outdoor living.

Fastest Growing Cities in NC are Also Some of Safest Statewide

Young families have a vested interest in the safety of the neighborhood and town in which they finally select. Well, look no further than Fuquay Varina for safety, if that’s your top priority.

In September of 2019 Fuquay Varina is named among the “Tar Heel State’s” most safe towns. You can read further on this in our link provided.

AA quick read and you will come to realize that Fuquay is a “town on the rise.” This isn’t only when it comes to overall growth. Consequently, 2019 was the fifth consecutive year in which Fuquay Varina improved its ranking among the “Safest” cities. Such dedication and effort to show residents this type of consistent improvement is impressive and no question a factor in the town being one of the Fastest Growing Cities in NC. To read the full blog post from September, follow this link.

safest-cities-in-NC-South Lakes
The great job being done by the Fuquay-Varina Police Department and their great relationship with residents is a major factor in the town being listed among the state’s safest towns.

Fuquay Varina Continues Climb Up List of Safest Cities in North Carolina– September 18, 2019 

Great Schools add to the Growth of Fuquay

As if five straight years of a town improving its safety rankings doesn’t speak volumes, any young family searching for a location to call home will have a great interest in the schools. In Fuquay, and more specifically at the South Lakes community, you will not just be sending your children to the highly accredited Wake County Public School System (WCPSS).

To refer back to the “South Lakes” blog, you see details on an all-new WCPSS elementary school, “South Lakes Elementary.” This school is not only a part of the accredited and respected WCPSS, but it also is adjacent to the South Lakes community. Likewise, there is also an on-site WCPSS high school, which is currently serving as a “holding” point for another nearby school that is in the renovating process as we speak.

As it would appear today, the new elementary school should see a Fall 2020 opening. This just adds to the desire of families to get their dream home in the North or South Lakes neighborhoods. One can be certain that the new schools are going to be a great addition too. To revisit our most recent update at the “South Lakes blog” on these great new schools follow the link below.

Fuquay Varina Schools and Education: Part of the “Awesome Community Feel”– October 24, 2019

Fuquay’s Great Weather Makes Outdoor Living a “Natural” Reason it’s among the Fastest Growing Cities in NC

A father and daughter soak in a gorgeous summer day at the lake at South Lakes new home community

Weather and active outdoor living options. These are two factors that when talking of a new home search in North Carolina, are considered. If you are in this state and are named to the “Fastest Growing” list, you have both of these. The mild winter climate is a big factor when relocating from the North. Also, 9-10 months of temperatures from the mid-’60s to 80’s, is certain to draw people’s interest.

The warmer temperatures certainly help with the accolades bestowed on Fuquay. Plus, there are countless outdoor activities that factor the Fastest Growing Cities in NC listing, too.

Obviously, there are countless great outdoor options across town. However, the South Lakes new home neighborhood an say the same with in its community. South Lakes features nearly 130 acres of open space, a greenway trail, a 30-acre lake and more. These type amenities are making the search for New Homes in Fuquay Varina lead to the South Lakes neighborhood.

Follow the link below, to once again revisit the South Lakes blog and “outdoor living” options both in town.

Living Is, Outdoors, Living is Active…Living is New Homes in Fuquay-Varina at South Lakes– March 31, 2019

Given all these recent accolades, the town is without question one of the Fastest Growing Cities in NC. In addition to this, there is a new phase of construction beginning in the North Lakes section of South Lakes. This makes now a perfect time to find New Homes in Fuquay-Varina. For further information on the homes available South Lakes, visit the “New Homes” section at