Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina: Fuquay Ranks Number Four Among


Continuing to see an influx of positive things, local businesses, employment opportunity, and young families deciding that they want their children to grow up in a safe environment like the one you’ve just opted to move to in the South Lakes new home neighborhood has gained the town of Fuquay Varina a bit of notoriety, as hin’s annual ranking of Fastrest Growing Cities in North Carolina, the town placed in at number four among over 130 municipalities studied.

The undeniable community spirit, coupled with a bustling and beautiful downtown area that sees its residents and the community seem to pride themselves on supporting one another and making local business thrive, make the lofty ranking of number four among the Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina for Fuquay Varina not much of a surprise.

In figuring of the Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina, Home Snacks noted on their website that they used information gathered through the American Community Survey that is put out annually by the U.S. Census Bureau. They then basically compared the population from 2010 up against the most recent numbers available in calculating the number of people in each of these cities and towns to arrive at a final percentage that they used to compile their final list.

Fuquay Varina’s overall growth rate climbed by over 25 percent in the years analyzed by the experts at Home Snacks, seeing the population jump by nearly 5,000residents in that period. To read more on the ranking, or any of the other Fastest Growing Cities in North Carolina, visit