New Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum Filling Need for Indoor Play

Fuquay-Varina-Childrens-Museum-South Lakes
With all different play areas for the kids to “create,” all they need to bring to the Playhouse is an imagination.

Who would best know what type of business would work to entertain children under the age of 10? Likewise, what type of business would that possibly be? Well, look no further for both of these answers than to the new Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum called, The Playhouse. Oh…and those experts who knew to open the museum? How about a husband and wife team that currently have five children that are all under the age of seven.

The Playhouse, Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum is located at 1520 Broad Street in Fuquay. It is accurately described at their official website, where it reads as follows. “The Playhouse is designed to be the most fun indoor play area around-with all the benefits of a big museum with the convenience of being right next door.”

Taking Matters into Own Hands to Fill Need for Indoor Play

Kids have loved the “make-believe” aspect of playing in the different areas at the Playhouse since the museum’s December opening.

Rob and Jolene Ehlers are the husband and wife team spoken of above. The couple moved to the area and have called Holly Springs home for the past three years. 

In a recent interview at, the Ehlers’ explained their process and reasoning in opening an indoor playspace. “We realized that the options for indoor play for kids were limited.” They went on to explain, “Raleigh offers some great options, but it also has several obstacles such as traveling, parking, overcrowding, coordinating nap schedules, etc.” 

In summing up their overall reasoning to open a Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum, they concluded as follows. “We truly just saw a need in our community and we are trying to fill it.”

An Indoor Play Space…Sounds Fun! But, What Exactly Makes up the Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum?

The Playhouse, Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum is , “3,500 square feet of fun,” according to its owners. Going on, while noting that the Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum is for children age ten and under, Jolene Ehlers, describes the indoor play space.

“We have custom-built playhouses that include a grocery mart, a playhouse, a service station featuring a car that you can actually work on and take parts on and off, a barn, a doctor’s office, and a construction site.” She adds that one of the nicest parts of the Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum set up is that you can keep an eye on the entire place from anywhere you are seated. 

This, Mrs. Ehlers can certainly relate to as with five kids under the age of seven currently she added. “it’s such a relief to be able to keep an eye on all of them at the same time.”

While the youngsters play, the Playhouse has plenty of room for the adults to grab a seat and relax.

Different “Play Areas” at the Playhouse Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum

  • Mechanic Shop
  • Fire Truck
  • Construction Site
  • Grocery Store
  • Doctor’s Office 
  • Barn
  • Play House

Other Fun Areas and Activities at the “Playhouse”

  • Dedicated Toddler Section
  • Giant Building Blocks
  • Magnet Tiles Light Table
  • Dress Ups
  • Reading Nook

Where Will the Future Take the New Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum?

The “Doctor’s Office” is yet another “playlet” that the young ones can enjoy at the new Fuquay Varina Childrens Muxeac

After a successful first month and a half since opening the doors at the Playhouse, it is a fair question to wonder, where the owners see the new venture heading as they move forward.

In addressing this question, Jolene again gave her explanation to WRAL’s Sarah Hall. “We hope that our guests and community enjoy the convenience of such a close indoor play space and purchase memberships so that we can get to know everyone better!” She added, “The more we get to know our community and our guests, the better we can serve them. We hope to be able to continue to provide a one of a kind experience for everyone who comes.”

The Playhouse, Fuquay Varina Children’s Museum is located just up the road from the South Lakes neighborhood at 1520 Broad Street. They are open from Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. and Friday’s from 9-4. The museum is available on Saturday’s by reservation only between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon.

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