Fuquay Art Walk and Auction is Ongoing: Cast a Vote, Bid, and Support the Community!


Many of the annual traditions in Fuquay Varina center around the rich artistic history of the town. One such event is the En Plein Air Paint Off. This is the yearly Fuquay Art Walk and Auction, where residents show off their talents by painting somewhere or something around town as assigned by the Fuquay-Varina Downtown Association (FVDA).

With all of the restrictions and regulations being faced this year it may appear the annual May event could not have taken place. However, this analysis does not take into consideration the dedication of the FVDA. Likewise, it would not consider the passion of the local artists who wish to participate. Thus, the ball got rolling in mid-May, when through meetings on Zoom, all was set into place for the 2020 Fuquay Art Walk and Auction. Artists would be working from home and still rendering a local landmark or area in their work. Once the 23 artists were entered, they began their work and shared as much through social media and the aforementioned Zoom app.

23 Entered, Top 3 Honors Named by FVDA

Show are the locations in Downtown Fuquay to view the art work

So, not only did the FVDA move forward with the En Plein Air Paint Off (virtually), but they have also now given out the first awards for the work that has been completed. They announced on June 19 the first, second, and third place winners at fuquay-varinadowtown.com.

Since circumstances did not allow for entrants to set up and paint around town in Fuquay, the artists selected a location of items around town on their own to depict from a list provided by the FVDA.

2020 En Plein Air Paint Off Winners (Subject that they Painted)

  • Jermaine Powell- First Place Winner (Fuquay-Varina Community Library)
  • Lyudmila Lucy Tomova- Second Place Winner (Horses at Starry Night Barn on James Slaughter Road)
  • Tonia Gebhart (Garden Hut)

Fuquay Art Walk and Auction Ongoing Now Through July 14! Cast a Vote and Support Local Businesses and Art

So, with congratulations to the three winners above, now the Fuquay Art Walk and Auction is in YOUR hands! The 23 renderings submitted for the En Plein Air Paint Off are now on display in various downtown storefront locations. You can cast a vote at each of these spots for the prestigious annual “People’s Choice Award” winner in the competition. Yo can vote up through Tuesday, July 14.

Once you vote has been cast and you’ve finished the “walk” part, it’s time for the auction! You can bid on any of the 23 pieces that are on display downtown starting on Thursday, July 16. The bidding continues for the Fuquay Art Walk and Auction through Saturday, July 25.

For more information on the exact location of each artist’s entry, the voting and bidding processes, visit fuquay-varinadowntown.com.

Photo Credit: Town of Fuquay-Varina