Fuquay Varina Breweries: Cheers to You!!!


The Fuquay-Varina community is one that supports and get behind its local business community. In the downtown area and beyond over the past decade especially, the town has seen an influx of one type of business. These businesses’ are the Fuquay Varina Breweries and each offers its own distinct “flavor” they add to the town’s downtown community.

In this the first of a two-part series, we will look at each of the unique Fuquay-Varina Breweries. By the end of our two posts, we think you’ll agree and cheer along with their description at fuquayvarina.org and say “Here’s to More Beer!”

The Mason Jar Lager Company features several popular “flavors” including Happy Place Golden Lager.

Mason Jar Lager Company: “Lager Y’all”

Located at 341 East Broad Street (Suite 151), one of The Mason Jar Lager Company’s (MJLC) slogans reads, “There’s always something happening around a beer.” With weekly events like “Music Bingo” and on-site food trucks and a runners club also, it appears that slogan s correct at MJLC.

Staying true to those words, the MJLC offers fun, food, and some of the most popular brews around. As stated at masonjarlagerco.com, “Whether you find yourself at our table after a hard day at work, a more than a usually difficult day with the kids, or simply looking for a place to grab a bite, we hope you find our restaurant welcoming and exciting.”

Fainting Goat Brewery is located at 330 South Main Street in Downtown Fuquay-Varina

From the Kitchen to the Garage, to the Fainting Goat Brewing Company

Founded in 2014, Fainting Goat Brewing Company has become a local favorite among Fuquay Varina Breweries. In its near-decade of existence, Fainting Goat has continuously evolved. The company’s humble beginnings started their brewing in the kitchen and garage of its founders. Then, in October 2015, they became a part of the local community opening its doors at 330 South Main Street.

The Fainting Goat’s mission is stated at faintinggoatbeer.com, and is as simple and refreshing as their brews themselves. “​​Our mission is to consistently provide our customers,” their website reads. “With a variety of high-quality, full-flavored, hand-crafted beers in a casual setting.” The statement continues, stating the following. “We are driven to share our passion for brewing and to promote the craft beer industry with enthusiasts and novices alike.”

The Vicious Fishes taproom (pictured) is always a crowd favorite in downtown Fuquay

Vicious Fishes: Food Pairings Galore at Fuquay Varina Breweries

Founded in 1993, Vicious Fishes Brewery, began as a hobby amongst long-time friends and evolved into a beloved establishment. This is one of the Fuquay-Varina breweries with several locations, also hosting a taproom in both Angier and Apex.

Vicious Fishes is located in Fuquay Varina at 132 South Fuquay Avenue. They use their brews in many of their recipes on top of serving them up by the pint. “Our beers are integral ingredients in much of our food preparation.” The brewery continues to explain at viciousfishes.com. “Such as pilsner for steaming mussels, house pickles made from IPA, brown ale used to braise our roast beef sandwich and pale ale mayo which accompanies smoked beef tartare.”

These three are only half of the Fuquay-Varina Breweries we will cover in our series. In our next blog entry, we will visit Aviator, 3rd Degree Brewhouse, and Oaklyn Springs.

Each of these Fuquay-Varina Breweries is only a short drive from the South lakes new home community. To view the great homes in the neighborhood, just a few minutes from downtown Fuquay, visit southlakesliving.com.