Introduced in the Spring of 2015, The Follow Me to Fuquay Varina Concert Series has grown into a downtown tradition. The series initially averaged a few hundred people attending each show in that first season of concerts. However, due to a steady increase in popularity, the town continues to see growing attendance and interest in these shows each season.

The Fuquay Varina Concert Series always draws a large crowd of residents for a fun night downtown

A “Perfect Blend” at the Follow Me to Fuquay Varina (FM2FV) Concert Series

An article in the Raleigh-based, NBC affiliate, WRAL’s website covered the “ins-and-outs” of the popular Fuquay Varina Concert Series. The author of that article, Latisha Catchatoorian, spoke with several town officials about the rise in popularity of the events.

Ms. Catchatoorian, likewise in her article referred to the Fuquay Varina Concert Series as “the perfect blend of music, community, energy and local flavor.”

Local Fuquay breweries, such as Fainting Goat Brewing Company, will be on hand at FM2FV series events.

A “Lovely Time” and a “Fun, Laid-Back Atmosphere”

As noted above, WRAL spoke with some Fuquay town officials and employees who are most familiar with these events for the aforementioned article. Fuquay-Varina Director of Communications, Susan Weis spoke of the Fuquay Varina Concert Series’ history and how it has grown since its inception.

“We started in spring 2015,” Weis began. “It was a way to get people to visit and experience Fuquay-Varina and downtown. We’re fortunate to have two downtowns,” she explained, “the Fuquay district and the Varina district.”

The Follow Me to Fuquay Varina Concert Series take place on the Fuquay side, at Centennial Park. The WRAL piece described the Fuquay Varina Concert Series as “fun for the whole family with drinks from local breweries, food trucks from local vendors and a free kids activity zone.” Weis also chimed in, calling ita “lovely time” and noting there is a lot of dancing and camaraderie.

One of the most popular bands in the local area, Hip Pocket, will be at the Fuquay Varina Concert Series on Sept. 19.

“From 500 to ‘Packed’: Numbers Keep Growing at FM2FV Concert Series

“We started out with 500 people coming for a concert, and now the place is packed,” Weis recalled. “It’s also a way for us to showcase some of our local breweries. Some local food establishments come out as well.” She added, “It’s a nice way to highlight Fuquay-Varina in a fun, laid-back atmosphere.”

Ms. Weis took a look back in remembering past attempts by the town to draw interest in downtown social events as opposed to the larger crowds coming out in recent times.
“In the mid-1990s, Fuquay-Varina held concerts downtown, and they were met with marginal success,” Weis recounted. “Fast forward 20 years and it’s nice to see people attending the live concert and being excited, and anticipating the FM2FV concerts.”

Speaking the sentiments of basically the entire Fuquay community, Weis spoke enthusiastically of the happenings in the town. “We are thrilled about what’s happening with the music scene in Fuquay-Varina.”

“Our growing population is seeking a wider variety of entertainment opportunities,” Weis concludes. “It’s really become much more of a destination for people to come and hang out and experience Fuquay-Varina.”

Upcoming Fall 2019 Follow Me to Fuquay Varina Concert Series Lineup at Cenntenial Square

  • Hip Pocket- Thursday, September 19
  • North Tower- Thursday, October 10

All FM2FV concerts begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m. For further details on the Concert Series and all upcoming town events, visit fuquay-varina.org.

Photo Credit: Town of Fuquay-Varina