Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants: Great Spots to Eat, Right Down the Street


So when you and your family made the all-important final call to choose the South Lakes neighborhood and your new home in Fuquay Varina, you knew you were getting a safe, friendly community to move into. You also knew that you were mere minutes from all the great “big city” amenities of nearby Raleigh as well. However, as we continue along in our fourth post in this series on all things downtown Fuquay, you may not have realized just how many great in-town shops and entertainment there was. Likewise, below are several Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants that are just minutes from your new home and will stand up against the best eateries you’ll find in any town.

Honestly, narrowing down the list of Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants was anything but easy. There are certainly more amazing options than these to choose from, and hey, now that you are a Fuquay resident, we encourage you to check out and support all the great local restaurants, That being said, the following seven stops are “must try,” and depending on what you’re in the mood for, you may want to give these a try first.

Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants: A Couple of Taprooms

In a previous post from this series, we discussed several of the great. craft breweries in downtown Fuquay. Some of these breweries opt to have the ever-changing food selection of the popular food trucks on site. Sure, this gives their customers changing options for food from some great places. However, some of the breweries and taprooms feature incredible menus and keep the customers coming back for their great food as well as the beer.

Aviator Smokehouse

Do you remember that name Aviator? Yep, it’s the same company. The iconic brewing company is represented all over the downtown area, and when it comes to BBQ, feel free once again to use the term “iconic.” In all seriousness, it would seem anything Aviator touches in Fuquay turns to gold, so why enter the world of Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants. This BBQ joint is located right across the street from the Taproom. Ribs, brisket, smoked chicken, deep-fried chicken wings, the choices go on and on, and they all are top-notch, just as you’d expect from an “icon.”

Vicious Fishes Taproom & Kitchen

While we are talking taprooms and great food, here is one of the Fuquay Varina Downtown Restataunts we need to discuss. Vicious Fishes has as diverse of a menu as one could imagine. Start with a great selection of snacks, small plates, and their sharable platters. Then you have to try some of the “beer dishes,” such as pilsner-steamed mussels or roast beef braised in a brown ale. You can’t miss the angry red fish on the sign…and you don’t want to, especially if you’re hungry.

Who Doesn’t Love Pizza? More Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants

Now there are a lot of people who have relocated to the surrounding Raleigh area, we know this. Now, for whatever reason, and yes we know there are areas of the country famous for certain styles of pizza. But, for whatever reason, every person seems to want to lay claim to their area having the “best pizza.” We can’t say for sure that this is these are the “best ever,” but, we can say that we wouldn’t argue if you said that they were.

J&S New York Pizza

Just as we noted, there are different areas famous for pizza. The “New York” style is one that is used in many great shops in both this area and across the entire country. That being said, like all our Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants listed, has got it right! Even more, than just the delicious NY-style pizzas are the remaining Italian specialties and pasta dishes. Add on some fantastic sandwiches and wings that are available, and you have one of the area’s finest pizzerias we’ve seen.

Anna’s Pizzeria

Ok, I must come clean, but stay completely honest and impartial here. Yes, the writer of this article was originally born in the state of New York. However, it’s been well past a decade since I’ve lived there, and I have no bias towards NY pizza…I love any good pizza! That being said, our next Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurant makes authentic NY-style pizzas also…and they are fantastic! The perfect place for the whole family to come in and enjoy a variety of Italian specialties as well. Anna’s is casual and delicious, with an emphasis on delicious!

For Old Fashioned, Country Style Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants, There’s One

Say what you will, and many will point with little rebuttal, that the restaurants most synonymous with this area are the ones serving up great “comfort food.” Sure, I would accept BBQ or a variety of others for consideration. However, in the last of our Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants, we dive into some serious “country cooking.”

Joyce and Family Restaurant

For over two decades, the Joyce and Family Restaurant has been a staple among Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants, Their distinct “home-style country cooking and soul food” has captivated the local residents since opening in 1997. Want to talk homemade? Ok, let’s talk homemade. Everything at Joyce’s is made fresh and by hand and you can almost taste the hospitality on each plate as they serve you up your order and make you feel right at home.

Sweet Tooth Alert : One Last Post Will Direct you to Downtown Fuquay Varina Desserts and Sweets

The final post in our series on Fuquay Varina Downtown Restaurants, breweries, shopping, and more will be the next of our blog entries. It will focus on places in downtown Fuquay that can be visited for Downtown Fuquay Varina desserts and sweets.

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