Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Homes : Why are People Looking to Stay “Downstairs?”


Anyone familiar with the latest real estate trends will find one trend among those interested in new homes at South Lakes being one that is no surprise. That trend is the increased desire for Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Homes. 

To analyze the higher number of consumer requests for homes built with the master bedroom on floor one, we will look to five logical reasons. First of all, though, we will arrive at those reasons what appears to be a simple question.

Fuquay-Varina-First-Floor-Master-New-Homes-South Lakes
Terramor Homes offers several popular floor plans at South Lakes that feature the desirable first floor master suite.

Why do you want a Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Home?

So, we start with this simple question. Furthermore, let’s begin to answer the question with the most obvious reasoning possible. Historically, the number of bedrooms in a home as a potential buyer’s first question is certainly nothing new. As a matter of fact, depending on family size, this question is an obvious deal breaker or maker.

On the contrary though, in the past, the location of the bedrooms has been at times overlooked. However, recent trends show that bedroom location being overlooked is just that, a thing of the past. For a variety of reasons, for the homebuyer in 2019, bedroom location has become that same deal breaker or maker. Below, we will take a look at five reasons why not only bedroom location but the master suite itself being on the first floor has become such an attractive feature.

Five Reasons Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Homes are Becoming Top Sellers 

Reason # 1- The Future

Maybe the top reason why Fuquay-Varina First Floor Master New Homes are selling “like hotcakes,” is one that is actually uncertain. While no one can be sure of what the future holds, the 2019 homebuyer seems certain that regardless, having the master suite with attached bathroom is a feature they’d prefer.

To analyze this reason logically, say a homebuyer plans to be in their new house for 10 years but for whatever reason must re-sell after two. In this situation, it would seem a quick sale would be preferred due to some type of unexpected circumstance. Thus, the downstairs master opens the market to basically all ages, given an older buyer may prefer to not go up and downstairs as frequently. This feature allows them to sleep, shower, use the restroom, etc. regularly without having to climb. 

Similarly, in the case that said homebuyer does not ever move. Fast forward, 15-20 years and the 28-year-old couple in 2019 is nearing their 50’s and would prefer these same luxuries. Stairs can be strenuous on a pair of legs or knees with age. Thus, in either of these examples, the first-floor master becomes a selling point.

Fuquay-Varina-First-Floor-Master-New-Homes-South Lakes Living
This is the floor plan for the above shown Brooks plan by Terramor Homes

Reason # 2- Family Members or House Guests

For just one moment, take the actual homebuyer out of the equation. Think of a young family and their first home or a middle-aged couple relocating to be around their grown children. Again, now ask, “Why are Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Homes atop either of these customers’ list?”

In either case, a common thread would be again based around age. Loved ones that are older, grandparents, or even friends as they get up in years certainly factor into signing those closing papers. 

So, for many people, the allure of the downstairs master is actually an unselfish one. They are simply thinking of their visitors and offering them the most comfortable stay possible. In many cases, this includes grandma or grandpa not having to climb the stairs several times each day.

Reason # 3- “To Move…or not to Move?”

Whereas reason two was one based on kindness towards others, our third reason would lean more toward one’s own comfort.  Likewise, in thinking of themselves, the homeowner using this logic can also provide themselves convenience at some point later in life.

Basically told, this selling point for Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Homes is “saving yourself a move.” Thinking ahead in life, let’s say you reach a point where you want to downsize your home. We all know the effort and tribulations that go along with moving. 

However, one must admit it is not quite as taxing of a relocation process when your relocation is downstairs into your first-floor master suite rather that into a different home.

Yet another floor plan available with a first floor master at South Lakes’ is Terramor Homes’ Celeste

Reason # 4- Cutting Costs on Energy

Everyone gets their energy bill each month and seems to scratch their head and wonder, “what can I do to conserve and save?” Well, for one if you followed this current trend you could be on your way to answering that puzzling question.

In opting for a Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Home, it is safe to say that your second floor will not see as much use. As a result, you can choose to limit the heating or air conditioning on that level of the home. Furthermore, the lights and basically all other energy costs on that floor also would be lessened in a case like this. 

Obviously, if having guests or using an upstairs office, etc. you can adjust the temperature and lighting accordingly. But even in these cases, your overall energy usage and costs can be limited by having the downstairs master.

Reason # 5-  ‘Back to the Future’: Home Resale Value

For reason five, we take a step back (four steps actually) and look at a reason that indirectly coincides with our first reason listed. Heading “back to the future,” it is undeniable that many of today’s homebuyers are looking ahead to years down the road when they will be home sellers. Given this theory, reason number five is all about a homes’ resale value.

Given this current market trend nationwide, it’s safe to say that others seeking to buy a home are also interested in the floor one suite. Most noteworthy in regard to resale value is, they would also be interested in the first-floor master if they were looking to buy YOUR home. 

Therefore, a very logical conclusion to draw would be that many homebuyers in 2019 want the downstairs master so they have it when they go to sell in 2029. 

There are a variety of floor plans to choose from featuring a Fuquay Varina First Floor Master Suite in both North Lakes and South Lakes

Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Homes at South Lakes

Initially in this post, we asked, “Why do you want a Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Home?” The five reasons that followed are pretty logical answers to this question. But with those answers arise even more questions. 

These questions would be “Where do I find my Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Home?” Second would be, “Where will I find this type home built by a top builder I can trust?” Lastly, one may ask, “When I do find my answer, will I ever be able to afford this home?”

Luckily for you, there is one simple answer to all three of these questions. (and yes, you can afford it!) Your Fuquay-Varina First-Floor Master New Home awaits you at the South Lakes new home neighborhood. Whether you desire a move-in ready home or are looking to build the South Lakes neighborhood has you covered.

To see the current inventory at South Lakes including multiple homes with a first-floor master, visit southlakesliving.com.