Fuquay Varina Halloween: A True “Celebration of the Fall”


The season of “scare” is back upon us and that means its time for the annual Fuquay Varina Halloween activities. With family-friendly options and likewise, those that bring a bit more of a “fear factor,” the only guarantee is fun!

Making “Sweet” Memories: Fuquay Varina Halloween is All About the Kids

Kids love to celebrate Halloween in Fuquay with the annual Downtown Trick or Treat

Fuquay Varina Halloween events offer a lot of fun activities to make the kids’ holiday special. Whether its a scarier “trick,” or a much sweeter “treat,” there is something for all to enjoy. The first of which centers around one thing all children love…candy! 

Yes, that’s right the annual Downtown Trick or Treat returns on Friday, October 25 from 2 until 5 p.m. As has become tradition, the downtown business’ hand out treats to the little ones during this time. Parents and their kids should just look for the “Trick or Treat Here” signs in the window and then approach with their goody bag opened.

Fuquay’s Director of Communications, Susan Weis, discussed the downtown Fuquay Varina Halloween tradition in an October 2018 article with WRAL.com. “I helped start the trick-or-treat from business to business. There were lots of people bringing their kids down,” Weis recalled. “It’s a tradition and people look forward to it.” She added, “You could talk to high schoolers now that say, ‘Oh yeah, I remember when I did that.’ It’s a sweet little thing for the kids.”

You never know who or what may jump out at Fuquay’s Haunted Trail!

Family Trail or ‘Full Fright’: Its Your Choice on the Fuquay-Varina Halloween ‘Haunted Trail’

Much like the storefront trick or treating, the Fuquay Varina Halloween Haunted Trail is another of the town’s annual traditions. This Halloween favorite actually has roots in the New England region and a famous “spooky” location.

“I grew up in Massachusetts, with Salem right down the street, said Anthony DiMarzio, Fuquay’s Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation. “So, Halloween was kind of a big deal to us with the witches and all that other stuff.” He continues, “So, one of the things that I wanted to bring here when I became the programmer was a really good community event [like] the haunted trail,” 

Likewise explained in the same 2018 Fuquay Varina Halloween WRAL piece, “The Halloween Trail is truly a community event.” It continues, “Enlisting help from volunteers including the middle and high school students.” It goes on to say each volunteer and their age group are assigned a specific area of the trail to haunt.

While the Family Trail is the Fuquay Varina Halloween family-friendly choice, you never know what may “go bump in the night,” when you opt for the “Full Fright” trail. It is noted that in previous years, everything from werewolves, creepy dolls, and even “Pennywise” the scary clown from the movie, “IT” startled trail goers.

“The thing that makes it interesting is that we don’t really run electricity throughout the trail.” DiMarzio continues, “”It’s super dark, we’re relying on minimum light, just a lot of jumps, scares and other eerie things that you see on the way.”

He concludes, “”It’s a really scary walk in the woods.”

Fuquay Varina Halloween Haunted Trail Schedule and Information

  • Saturday, October 19  
  • Carroll Howard Johnson Park
  • Free Admission

Family Trail

  • 5:00-6:00 p.m.

A light-hearted and fun walk through the trail while still in the sunlight. Appropriate for all ages.

Full Fright

  • 7:00-9:00 p.m.

This trail is made to be frightening. A scary walk in the dark filled with unexpected surprises. This is not recommended for children under the age of 10. Kids from age 10-12 are recommended to be accompanied by an adult.

NOTE: Parking for the trail is at the Fuquay Varina Community Center. Shuttle buses run from 4:30-9:30 p.m. One can also arrive by walking from the Community Center via the Jeff Wells Trail.

Fuquay Varina Director of Communications, Susan Weis aptly describes the town Halloween events as a “Celebration of Fall”

Fuquay Varina Halloween: A “Celebration of the Fall”

In their recollections from the aforementioned WRAL article both DiMarzio and Weis look forward to the Fuquay Varina Halloween fun.

Calling the Halloween a day that “gives everyone a chance to be fun and goofy.” DiMarzio explains his anticipation of the Fuquay Varina Halloween. “I think that’s the thing about this community,” he said. “Why Halloween fits so well here is that we’re young, but we’re also old.” He adds, “You get to put that mask on and be something else for the night.”

Likewise, Weis gave her summation of the annual Fuquay Varina Halloween. “We like to have little kids, big kids, all the kids out.” She concludes, “You’ve got the kid stuff, you’ve got the teenage stuff, it’s really just a celebration of the fall.”

​For full details on all the Fuquay Varina Halloween happenings and everything else coming up in town, visit fuquay-varina.org.