Fuquay-Varina New Homes for Sale

Safety and family. These two words are making Fuquay-Varina New Homes For Sale at South Lakes more alluring than ever. In our first post in this series, we discussed the incoming New Schools in Fuquay-Varina adjacent to the South Lakes neighborhood. Similarly, we discussed the fantastic Outdoor Living in Fuquay-Varina as well. In this third installment of our series, we will show why the town is being recognized for its family-friendly and safe atmosphere.

Safest Cities in NC

First and foremost when looking for Fuquay-Varina New Homes For Sale, young families think of safety. Citing a well below average rate of both violent and non-violent crime, Fuquay-Varina is currently one of the Safest Cities in NC.

The annual poll ranking the Safest Cities in NC is conducted by the National Council for Home Safety and Security (NCHSS). The analysis done by the NCHSS covers all NC municipalities with a population of 10,000 or more.

Fuquay-Varina-New-Homes-for-Sale- South Lakes

New Homes for Sale in Fuquay-Varina at South Lakes are attracting a young buyer. With great new construction and a safe atmosphere, this trend will continue.

The areas analyzed in which placed Fuquay-Varina in the top ten percent of the Safest Cities in NC according to the NCHSS website are violent and non-violent crimes. More specifically each is broken down as follows:

Violent Crime

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated assault

(Fuquay scored well below state and the national average with only 1.203 out of 1,000 people experiencing these.)

Non-Violent Crimes

  • safest-cities-in-NC-South Lakes

    The great job being done by the Fuquay-Varina Police Department and their great relationship with residents is a major factor in the town being listed among the Safest Cities in NC

    Property Crimes

  • Non-Violent/Physical Theft
  • Other crimes where no harm is done to the victim

(Fuquay also scored well below state and national average with only 13.708 out of 1,000 people experiencing these.)

Best Places to Raise a Family in NC

Fuquay-Varina is among the Best Places to Raise a Family in NC according to nerdwallet.com. They analyzed all municipalities with 5,000 or more residents to get the final listings taking into account the following.

  • Home Affordability – Those looking for Fuquay-Varina New Homes for Sale can rest assured seeing high marks here. The town has a median home value of $196,100 and homeowner costs of only $1,412 monthly.
  • Growth and Prosperity– This is Fuquay-Varina’s highest “score” for any of the criteria. Basically, the town is enjoying a 69.1 percent increase in median annual income. Even more impressive possibly, is the town’s $72, 543 median family income.

    best-places-to-raise-a-family-in-nc-south lakes

    Events held at the South Lakes new home community like the “Fall Festival” (pictured above) allows your family a fun day, while “beating the heat” with some ice cream, right in your own neighborhood

  • Quality of schools– With the two, new Wake County Public Schools opening soon right near South Lakes, this is also an area of strength.
  • Family Friendliness– Another strong scoring area, this is figured out through comparing the percentage of married couples with a child 18 or under against the percentage of families in poverty with at least one child five or under.

At the South Lakes neighborhood, you’ll see younger demographic, safe streets, and family fun all around. Thus, Fuquay-Varina New Homes for Sale at South Lakes should see an increase in interest from homebuyers. Likewise, as we will detail in our next post, there are other reasons to want to experience “South Lakes Living.”

To see the Fuquay-Varina New Homes for Sale at South Lakes and North Lakes, visit the “New Homes” section at southlakesliving.com.