Fuquay-Varina New Homes at South Lakes : Back Where it All Began


What started as a vision in its planning stages back in 2007, the concept of “South Lakes Living” was one that needed the perfect team to come on board to make it a reality. To bring a quality of Fuquay-Varina New Homes not seen before or since to South Lakes would take a thorough search at area home builders until the right fit was found. 

Fuquay-Varina-New-Homes- H&H Homes

Many aspects play into the community becoming the 2009 Master Planned Community of the Year and the incredible neighborhood it has grown to become. However, in its planning stages, the Preston Development team knew that they had to find the right builders to fit this vision for their Fuquay-Varina New Homes.

Preston Searches for the “Right Fit” for Their Fuquay-Varina New Homes

In our next several posts, we will detail each of the three fantastic builder teams that Preston Development carefully selected. This first article will focus on the creative and innovative craftsmen at H&H Homes. From a humble start in 1991, H&H Homes currently is recognized among the top home builders in the nation. H&H Homes has proved time and time again that they were exactly what the Preston team was looking for in a builder.

Attention to detail as seen in this incredible gourmet kitchen has become synonymous with the H&H Homes brand

Proving to be the Right Choice Because “We Care”

H&H Homes was fdfounded nearly 30 years ago in 1991 by Ralph and Linda Huff. Since then, they’ve grown to become one of the Carolina’s most trusted names in homebuilding.

The Huff’s began with a dream of a company building homes and a reputation. That reputation they sought was to be based on quality, value, and integrity.

The Climb Towards 5,000 and Bringing the Mission to All Fuquay-Varina New Homes at South Lakes

In the past 28-plus years, H&H Homes has built nearly 5,000 homes throughout North and South Carolina. Despie national recognition, the team has made a conscious effort to always stay true to their original mission statement.

H&H Homes has no question stayed true to its roots. Even when named regardless of accolades Being named as one of the builder teams to construct Fuquay-Varina New homes at South Lakes, H&H Homes has no question stayed true to its roots. Building homes with a number of advantages that provide more livability, more sustainability, and value is the H&H way. than any other home on the market has always and will continue to be the H&H way. they’ve been given

Ralph and Linda Huff founded H&H Homes in 1991 and the company has grown to not only be one of the more recognizable builder teams in the Carolina’s but across the entire U.S.

From Fuquay-Varina New Homes to Nation Wide Recognition

In 1991 it would be hard to imagine the company soaring to the levels that it has. However, in recent years, H&H garnered national accolades.

This would include H&H Homes being listed in the prestigious Builder Magazine Top 100 for several years in a row. Heaping praise on one of the three builders of Fuquay-Varina New Homes at South Lakes, Builder Magazine said the following.

“H&H Homes is a customer-committed firm. They take pride in providing value by offering high-end quality and exceptional features to its new homebuyers.” They continue to say, “H&H Homes is committed to ensuring this highest standard. Even whe applying its quality-assurance program to each new home it constructs.”

A Strong Commitment to Bring “Peace of Mind” to the Home Buyer

According to hhhomes.com, “H&H Homes has a strong commitment to helping homeowners enjoy every aspect of their home.” They further explain, “We are passionate about delivering high levels of livability, sustainability, and value to new homeowners.

Likewise, at hhhomes.com, they detail their dedication to delivering “peace of mind” and “superior quality” to all they work with.

“At H&H, the customer is not a “side business,” it starts. “H&H Homes provides every home built with 10 years of structural home warranty protection.”

Continuing and touching on said “superior quality,” they describe this as follows. “Extensive quality assurance procedures begin before construction. Similarly, this process continues through a one- hundred-point inspection by a third-party licensed inspector.”

28 Years and Still in Demand

H&H Homes offers a variety of spectacular homes in all different shapes and sizes.

The calendar year of 2019 marked the 28th year in business for H&H Homes.  The team still stands by the importance of building customer trust and relationships with each Fuquay- Varina New Homes they construct. 

Our next two blogposts will detail the other two South Lakes home builder teams. They both are hand-picked by Preston Development to build Fuquay-Varina New Homes at South Lakes. These will be Terramor Homes and Caviness and Cates. Both of these teams helped make the initial 3 builder teams hired synonymous with South Lakes Living .

To view the available Fuquay-Varina New Homes from H&H Homes at South Lakes, visit our official site. For more information on H&H Homes including floor plans and much more, visit their official site, here.