Fuquay Varina, North Carolina is a great place to live.

Fuquay Varina, North Carolina is a great place to live

Photo By: Chad Walton, Fuquay Varina, United States

What a Town!

Fuquay Varina, in North Carolina, is a fantastic place to live for many reasons. It has around 20,000 people, and it is recognized as one of the best places to live in North Carolina and always rated highly when it comes to lifestyle.


Some of the main attractions of this town include a variety of restaurants, family-friendly activities, and unique stores. With this town, there are also plenty of educational opportunities available in Fuquay, including an outstanding high school program, superior middle school education, and award-winning elementary schools.

This story will focus a little on why you should consider moving to or at least visiting this East Coast gem which sits right beside Raleigh, Cary, and Apex but manages to maintain its small-town flare despite increasing over recent decades.

The main reason that Fuquay Varina is a great place to live is that it has something for everyone. Most residents have either moved from bigger cities or have resided in Fuquay their whole lives and raised large families there. For the former group of people, this town provides an opportunity to raise children in an environment where they can enjoy all of what nature offers, such as experiencing fishing, hunting, and hiking while having fun at the many parks around the area.

The latter group of people who grew up in Fuquay Varina also find themselves drawn to return due to the community atmosphere that continues today, even though Cary and Raleigh are not far away.

Although one could spend hours talking about everything that makes a living in Fuquay Varina worthwhile, the following list summarizes many reasons.

1. Great schools –  Fuquay provides students with the opportunity to attend one of four high schools – Fuquay-Varina High School, Green Hope High School, Westwood High School, and Athens Drive High School.

All four are ranked as some of the best in North Carolina, which means parents may feel a little more confident that their children will receive an excellent education regardless of where they go to school.

2. Community events – Every year there is a community event called The Taste Of Fuquay where local restaurants offer samples of food, and families can listen to live music while walking around downtown exploring unique shops and businesses. Other annual activities include trick or treating at participating stores for children on Halloween, a Christmas parade in December, and fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Besides being a great place to live, the town also has a farmers’ market every Saturday morning where you can buy fresh produce for your family.

3. Sports – Fuquay Varina might be one of the best places to live around Raleigh if your family is sport-oriented. Major League Baseball players who have graduated from high school in this town include Chris Davis (Baltimore Orioles), Corey Kluber (Cleveland Indians), and Shane Robinson (St Louis Cardinals).

Pick-up games are abundant at local parks and participating recreational associations that cover all seasons, including soccer, softball, lacrosse, and T-ball during springtime.

4. Access to major highways – No matter where one lives near Fuquay Varina, it is easy to get anywhere else because major highways I-540 (to go east or west), I-40 (north or south), and US 1 (coastal) all intersect near this area allowing drivers to be able to get where they want quickly. 8. Weather – With mild winters and humid summers, it is hard to beat this region’s weather. There are four seasons, but they don’t include extreme heat or cold, making them perfect for many families with small children who don’t like to be stuck indoors because of heavy rain or snow.

5. Plenty of great attractions – If you enjoy leaving your home whenever you feel like it, then there are plenty of things to do near Fuquay Varina. The list includes:

  • Museum Of Life and Science – Learn about dinosaur bones, different exhibits on bugs, and much more at this science center in Durham. You can also take a tour through a time where you will discover how life was like during ten different periods.
  • The North Carolina Museum of Art – This museum features a rotating exhibit that is open to the public, and it is always free of charge for those who want to check out what’s currently being shown. Their permanent collection includes different media types though, including painting, sculpture, works on paper as well as decorative arts. 

6. Growing community – One great thing about Fuquay Varina is that it has grown a lot over the past few years. This means that more opportunities are available for people who have just moved here or lived here all their lives. Also, residents can expect to see many changes in the future because of this continuous development.

7. Retiree’s lookout – So, if you are retired, living the good life, and looking for a nice place to spend your golden years, Fuquay Varina is a great place to consider moving into. This is because it has many different amenities that retirees love, such as low crime rates, affordable homes, and a slower-paced environment which gives them a chance to relax after years of hard work.

All in all, it’s easy to understand so many people choose not only to live in Fuquay Varina but also to visit this great town. People have access to many opportunities, the cost of living is affordable, and there are plenty of places to explore when they get bored. Also, since it’s close to Raleigh, residents can enjoy all the benefits of being part of a big city without dealing with tall buildings or traffic jams that could ruin their day.