A Delicious Look at More of the Best Fuquay Varina Restaurants


We walked you through the number 10-7 best Fuquay Varina Restaurants in the first part of this three-part series. How did we arrive at those rankings? Well, it was you, the customers whose feedback was used. For the top ten list, we are detailing in this series, we looked at the actual customer rankings and reviews at Trip Advisor. Using these, we rank any Fuquay Varina Restaurants with at least 30 reviews.

So, we will maneuver our way into the top five and beyond in this second of three posts. Maybe the best part for you at your new home in Fuquay Varina at South Lakes is that all of these incredible eateries are just minutes away from your neighborhood. Thus, with all these fantastic food options, you can check out each restaurant and decide which makes your own “top ten.”

The Best Restaurants: Approaching the Top Five

6. Eggs Up Grill- 1436 North Main Street (Sexton Commons), Fuquay Varina 

Well, to start with our number six best choice among Fuquay Varina Restaurants, we move to the morning. Eggs Up Grill, as the name would imply, specializes in breakfast. If you have ever stopped in for a morning meal, I think you’ll agree with their inclusion in this list. With unique items such as peaches and cream waffles or pancakes and sweet potato pecan waffles and pancakes, not to mention amazing omelets and brunch, too, Eggs Up is worth taking a morning to try.

But, don’t take my word for it; the review from this satisfied customer sums it up very well and in a concise fashion when discussing Eggs Up Grill. “Bright and friendly place with delicious choices for a great breakfast or brunch.” They went on, “I had a decadent waffle with fruit and whipped cream. Even their hot chocolate was yummy!” In conclusion, they summed up the Eggs Up Grill experience, saying, “Very reasonably priced as well and extra-friendly service.”

5. The Mason Jar Tavern- 305 South Main Street, Fuquay Varina

Located right in the heart of downtown is the number five entry to our best Fuquay Varina Restaurants. Describing their service and goals at their official website, the owners stated this. “Nothing makes us happier than a dining room full of people enjoying a delicious meal together, and of course mason jars full of their favorite beverage. We want the Mason Jar Tavern to be that place for you and your friends and family.”

Again, turning to the public for their honest and glowing reviews, one customer said the following of the Mason Jar. “…The food we ordered was absolutely delicious. This includes the pesto pasta with chicken and shrimp, the barbecue burger with candied bacon, the build your own burger, the trout salad, and the pork tenderloin.” They go on, “You absolutely have to try the Mason Jar Fries appetizer!” They ended by saying, “We would definitely go here again.”

4. Aviator Smokehouse- 525 Broad Street, Fuquay Varina

Another staple of downtown Fuquay and another brewery serving a dynamite menu. That recipe lands them securely among the top five Fuquay Varina Restaurants in our listing. First opening its doors in March 2011, Aviator has become a local favorite. It first was built to compliment the brand’s tap house located right across the street. The “Smokehouse” has become known for its smoked wings, house-made onion rings, smoked pork, and St.Louis style smoked ribs, among many other unique menu items. Their super spicy wing sauces are also a thing of “local lore.” So, whether you go for the MocoLoco, featuring Ghost Chili Peppers, the Monster, the Black Mamba, or any others, be sure you are careful… because these sauces are hot!!!

To wrap up our detailing of the number four selection among Fuquay Varina Restaurants, we again turn to your feedback at Trip Advisor. One happy customer felt the entire community vibe of Fuquay is reflected in the food and service at Aviator. “If you come to Fuquay Varina, then stop here. Otherwise, you didn’t really stop in Fuquay,” they started. “The beer selection alone is worth the stop. Add to it a good menu with a variety of foods like BBQ burgers and a different kind of pork wing.” This reviewer then said, “Wait time has never been an issue and is a nice excuse to start at the bar or visit the bottle shop across the street. Oh, and if you like, then you can change a side for your beer with your meal.”

Summing up their great memories of Aviator, they added this. “Appetizers have ever disappointed but bring a crowd to fully enjoy them. The atmosphere is great and open.”

What Will be Number One ?

This brings to a close our second post of this three-part series. Next, we will head into the top three in our next and final post covering the best Fuquay Varina Restaurants. However, any of these unique spots that we have covered, numbers 10-4 in the first two posts, are certainly great places. All are worth you and your family checking out. Not to mention as we said earlier, they all sit just a few minute drive from your new home in the South lakes neighborhood.

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