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Moving along in this three-part series, we continue using actual customer scores and reviews to name the Top 10 Fuquay Varina Restaurants. Each of the eateries covered in this series had 50 or more reviews at Trip Advisor, and what follows are numbers four through seven on our list, in reverse order.

Delicious bagels and a great breakfast factor into Bagels Plus making the Top 10

The Number Seven and Six Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants: Its All About the Bread…and So Much More

“Authentic Brooklyn in Fuquay Varina” raves one customer review at Trip Advisor. The entry in our Fuquay Varina Restaurants this satisfied customer speaks of is Bagels Plus.

Located at 100 Dickens Road in Fuquay, the reviews for this deli-esque eatery are off the charts. One such customer recollection seems to sum up the general “two thumbs up” opinion on Bagels Plus. They begin their review saying , “Great bagels and delicious sandwiches.”

Spectacular, baked sweets are another popular item at Bagels Plus.

Getting into the body of said review, she goes on to tell of her families’ love for our “number seven” among Fuquay Varina Restaurants. “My favorite is their chicken salad on a fresh-baked croissant.” She adds, “Their French Fries are the best. I don’t know what they put on the fries they are too good to wait until we get home to eat. We usually eat half the fries before we get home. The eclairs are yummy also.”

She concludes, “The staff is friendly, personable and professional. I would highly recommend giving them a try. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.”

The Chicken Pesto Pasta is a perfect example of the authentic Greek/Mediterranean cuisine at Nils’ Bakery-Cafe

Bagels at Seven, Bakery Comes in as Number Six among Fuquay Varina Restaurants

At our number six spot, is a bakery that specializes in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. Called by one happy diner as the “Best lunch spot in Fuquay,” this is Nils’ Bakery-Cafe.

Located downtown at 513 Broad Street, the reviews at Nils’ echo those from Bagels Plus, as they all seem to be in overwhelmingly positive favor of the bakery/Greek eatery. One local couple that make Nils’ a regular stop appear to cover all bases of the restaurant in a review.

Nils’ is also known for its array of baked treats and desserts

“A charming little bakery/sandwich shop in the quaint section of Varina. My personal favorite is their Greek salad with a scoop of tuna, delicious.” The review goes on, “They have a wonderful German potato salad, several wraps, delicious sandwiches, all made fresh with care. Their soups are wonderful, and vary each day.” The couple goes on in speaking of “number six” among Fuquay Varina Restaurants.

“You can always finish it up with a little sweetness from their bakery with fresh baked cookies or lemon bars, to other tasty treats. You can sit by the window to people watch and wave at your friends, or at one of the little tables where you can relax with a book.” Concluding this glowing review, it reads. “The atmosphere is small and warm feeling. A wonderful little place for lunch or dinner.”

“Brewing” Their Way into the Top 5 Fuquay Varina Restaurants

The delicious BBQ nachos and their unique sides make Aviator Smokehouse a Fuquay favorite.

The Mason Jar Tavern is our number five entry among the top Fuquay Varina Restaurants. It is located at 305 South Main Street in Fuquay and is known for its classic American fare and delicious pub food just as it is for its great brews.

Our number 5 of Fuquay Varina Restaurants also received raving reviews from customers at Trip Advisor. Many of these recollections also mirror one another, with great variety, quality, and service being touted as reasoning for a high score.

“Great Friendly Restaurant,” begins one customer when speaking of the Mason Jar. The customer goes on, “This is a great family restaurant. We started our meal off with Corn Fritters – Great Choice. The fritters were really good not greasy. I had the Flank Steak salad. Excellent! I dipped my steak in their molasses steak sauce – awesome!!

Aviator’s incredible burgers make a perfect pairing with their wide selection of delicious brews.

In speaking of Mason Jar Tavern, she adds, “My daughter had the Pesto Chicken Pasta – we all tasted it and really loved it. My daughter’s significant other had the Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap – he said it was very good! My husband got the hamburger special that he truly enjoyed. Both my spouse and family loved the fries.”

They conclude with a somewhat obvious statement given their scoring and review. “Would highly recommend this restaurant.”

“Smokin'” and “Brewin'” The Path to Number 4 its Aviator Smokehouse

Keeping with the theme of our number five entry among the Fuquay Varina Restaurants, we have another “brewery.” However, the Aviator Smokehouse is equally known for its authentic and delicious BBQ as its tasty brew offerings.

One recent customer recalled their family trip to the 523 Broad Street establishment in great detail. They titled their review, “Such an enjoyable experience,” and spoke of when visiting from New York and discovering Aviator.

The Mason Jar Tavern offers unique specials like the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Tacos

“Had a terrific experience here with my husband for dinner and drinks. My husband was in the mood for a beer. He is not a big beer drinker but was having a “craving” for a nice cold brew. He got a great flight with a terrific combo of ales, lagers, a sour and porter.” Continuing to complement their beverage selection, she goes on. “I ordered their delicious homemade root beer. I highly recommend if you are looking for frosty cold root beer without the syrupy sweetness. My husband took a sip and immediately ordered one for himself.”

Then she moves along to rave about the food at Aviator Smokehouse. “We tried the beer-battered onion rings for an appetizer and they were great. Nice and crispy and huge with a delicious flavor.” But she does not stop with the “apps,” the impressive recount of dinner is next.

“I ordered their Big Bad Bourbon Burger. The burger was delicious as were the hush puppies I got for a side. She adds, “My husband had the smoked meatloaf and thought it was very unique and quite delicious. It came with two sides and was wrapped in bacon. He got two huge pieces of it and the fries and mac and cheese. He said these were some of the best fries he’s ever had and trust me, folks, he’s tried very many” H

Finally, she concludes, “We cannot wait to go back. Give it a try and I hope your experience is as great as ours was.”

The Glowing Reviews Will Continue to the Top 3!!!

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