Fuquay Varina Summer Camps Offer a Variety of Learning and Fun, One Week at a Time!


The preceding months have seen children, much like their adult counterparts, for the most part, stuck inside. Even the busiest and most creative families throughout the pandemic have had difficulty keeping occupied. Luckily, as the warmth of a new season has arrived, so has the Fuquay Varina Summer Camps schedule.

The Fuquay Varina Summer Camps run one week at a time throughout July and into August. Each week has a unique focus on one large topic. Then throughout the five days that a child is at the camp, they will take part in all kinds of fun activities based around that subject matter. 

Fuquay Varina Summer Camp Program Information and Times

The week of July 27 will be “Sports Extravaganza” week at camp.

The weekly-themed camps run by the Fuquay parks and Recreation Department’s next session start on the week of July 20. The camps are for elementary school-aged children (Kindergarten- 5th Grade). All of the Fuquay Varina Summer camps take place at the Fuquay Varina Community Center. The center is located right downtown at 820 South Main Street.

Each day has a drop off time of between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. Likewise, daily pickup time is between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. The camps do have a weekly fee of $100 for town residents. Non-residents are also welcome, and their fee is $125 per week.

Dates and Weekly Themes of the 2020 Fuquay Varina Summer Camps

As we spoke of above, there is an entirely different theme and pattern for each of the five-day camps. Below is a brief explanation of each camp and the dates in which they run.

Shipwrecked Week: July 20- 24

“Ahoy, Matey,” about sums up the theme of the July 20-24 camp! The kids will “set sail” on a week’s worth of pirate-themed fun on these five days. Planned exercises include making crafts and learning not only about pirates but also many creatures of the ocean as well.

Sports Extravaganza Week: July 27-31

The next summer camp is for the aspiring athletes among us! These five days are pretty self-explanatory. Campers can expect all their favorite sports, baseball, soccer, basketball, and more will keep the kids hustling and “going for the gold” all week long.

Animal Planet Week: August 3-7

The final week of the camps is an annual favorite of the kids. Every day is filled with activities about animals from all over the world. Not only will there be a week full of games and crafts based on animals, but also a trip to the Duke Lemur Center to see some up close.

Contacting and Registration for Fuquay Varina Summer Camps 

For more information or to register for any or all of the upcoming Fuquay Varina events, visit the town’s official website. You can jump right to the Summer Camps info by following this link, fuquay-varina.org.