Active, Arts, and A Lot of Fun: Fuquay Varina Youth Activities

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In this our second of the two-part series focusing on Fuquay Varina Youth Activities, we look at the many programs in town afforded to the kids. On the heels of our part one detailing the safe and family-friendly atmosphere in Fuquay, these plentiful opportunities for your children continue to support the town’s reputation as one that is perfect for raising a family.

Youth sports in Fuquay help teach the fundamentals of team work and shows children about camaraderie and friendship, too.

Building Active Lifestyle Choices and Team Skills Through Fuquay Varina Youth Activities

In a recent article for, freelance reporter, Colleen Hanson Smith spoke about Fuquay Varina Youth Activities. The WRAL writer details many options for the kids to stay active “Kids in Fuquay-Varina certainly have every opportunity to be active and creative.” She adds, “The town’s thriving division of parks, recreation, and cultural resources has plenty to offer between athletic teams, classes, activities and events throughout the year.”

Moving along in the WRAL piece, Smith added the following. “Sports enthusiasts can rejoice because the Town of Fuquay-Varina’s sports programs.” She explains, that these Fuquay Varina Youth Activities offer “great fun, team-building, camaraderie, and good sportsmanship skills for kids all year long.”

The freelancer also spoke with Fuquay Parks and Recreation director, Jonathan Cox. The director offered insight to what types of Fuquay Varina Youth Activities options the kids have.

The 8U boys baseball team were honored after winning the SWAC State championship this summer.

“We offer three organized youth sports seasons, fall, winter, and spring. The winter season is strictly basketball and the dance troop program.” Cox goes on to explain the other season also. “In the fall and spring, we offer everything from flag and tackle football, cheerleading, baseball and tee-ball, softball, volleyball, and soccer.”

Cox concludes, “We operate an all-inclusive youth sports program, and our mission is that all kids can participate. We do not stress the competitive nature of sports.” Cox adds, “We want kids to learn life skills and the fundamentals of the game.”

Art projects and classes are yet another fun way for children in Fuquay Varina to stay busy.

Discover the “Fine” Artist in You with more Fuquay Varina Youth Events

The Fuquay Varina Arts Center had its long anticipated grand opening this summer. Thus, it is no surprise that the facility has great programs for the kids.

In her WRAL article, Smith discusses the art options for Fuquay Varina Youth Activities also. “If you have more of an aspiring artist in your home, there’s plenty for them to do in Fuquay-Varina. Smith adds, “This is thanks to the Fuquay-Varina Arts Center.” She continues, “With plenty of opportunities for kids to dig into the creative arts, it’s a combination of renovated space and new construction.”

Likewise, she talks with the Arts Center director, Maureen Daly on the topic. “The Center was created for kids and adults to learn about the arts in fun, interactive ways.” Daly explains. “We encourage families to bring their children to exercise their imaginations, get their hands dirty or learn a new dance step. We offer children’s classes and camps.” She concludes, “We’re so proud of the new center and hope everyone will come by and find their creative side with us.”

The Arts Center offers many seasonal and year-round classes and camps designer just for kids. These classes and camps are always fun, educational, and affordable.

The town of Fuquay Varina opened a new, 6,000 square foot splash pad this past summer.

Parks and “Pads” Paving the Way for More Outdoor Fun for the Kids

In addition to those great Fuquay Varina Youth Activities above, there are plenty more to enjoy, too. Fuquay Varina boasts over twenty town parks. These cover over 400 acres of land, and offer a variety of looks and spots for the kids. The parks and green space allow access to greenway trails, picnic areas and more.

For the warmer months, this past summer, the town introduced a 6,000 square foot splash pad. The splash pad is open from June-September. Fuquay Varina residents get free access to the splash pad.

These activities continue to show why Fuquay Varina and the South Lakes neighborhood are such a great choice to raise your family. For more information on all the great Fuquay Varina Youth Activities, visit Likewise, to see the great homes currently available at the South Lakes new home community, visit

Photo Credits: Town of Fuquay Varina