Green Home Building Trends for 2015

When finally making the decision to build your dream home the South Lakes new home community in  Fuquay Varina, there are many options to consider throughout the building process that can help you to save money in the long run and be environmentally friendly by following the advice of Green Home Builder Magazine and their recent tips which listed the to Green Home Building Trends for 2015.

In the article written by Ryan McNeil, President of, the following items were the three main trends touched on, in addition to several predictions regarding Green Home Building Trends for 2015.

Net Zero Energy Homes

McNeil details in this section how there was a major increase in the interest in energy efficiency during 2014. He explains that this interest coupled with the growth of renewable energy installations should lead to an increase in Net Zero Energy Homes. “Taking these trends to their logical conclusion, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a burgeoning interest in net zero energy homes.” He continued, “Dozens of net zero homes have cropped up across the country in recent years, proving their feasibility and affordability.”

Passive Home Construction

Noting this type of building process to be gaining popularity across Europe, McNeil tells how this could be a few years away from great numbers being seen in the U.S., but touches on it regardless, due to the growing interest that the concept has seen and the fact that American architects and builders are becoming more familiar with it as well. He explains, “The goal of the passive home is to utilize materials and design to minimize the need for auxiliary heating and cooling. Super-insulated and super airtight, passive homes utilize high thermal mass elements and strategically placed windows and shading to regulate building temperature with minimal reliance on traditional heating and cooling equipment.”

Water Smart Housing

With many builders already focusing on the inclusion of over flow toilets and water saving fixtures in homes recently, this trend is one Green Home Building Trend for 2015 that will certainly continue. McNeil explained other ways in which being “water smart” will help new home owners, too, saying, “In 2015 and beyond, expect to see an increase in the number of harder-core water-smart innovations, including composting toilets and gray water recycling systems.” He added, “Landscaping, too, is a prime opportunity for water conservation as well as methods for reducing storm water runoff and surface water pollution.

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