Haunted Stops and Scary Legends of Halloween in North Carolina


All across the state and nationwide for that matter, leading up to and on Halloween, people are looking for a “scare.” Corn mazes, haunted hayrides, and many other thrilling and at times chilling activities garner great popularity at this time of year. However, if it truly is a scare you are looking for, Halloween in North Carolina could get a bit more “real” let’s say. Well, you can be the judge, as you visit the locations below and see for yourself if these reportedly “haunted places” are for real.

A Stop After Dark for Halloween in North Carolina

The Great Dismal Swamp is our first stop for Halloween in North Carolina…but let’s be sure for the full effect we visit this site after dark. You see this, our first “spooky” site spans 112,000 acres along the northern border of NC. It is a beautiful sight to see during daylight hours. 

However, many say it’s best to be there at sunset rather than once it is completely dark out as it is not uncommon for strange sounds and lights to be seen here at dark and there have been many encounters with ghosts as well.

Great Dismal Swamp is located at 2294 US-17 in South Mills, NC.

Please Don’t “Cry” No Matter How Scary Halloween in North Carolina Can Be

The next “haunted” stop for Halloween in North Carolina and is truly one straight out of a horror film…come to life. The spot is Cry Baby Lane, located just outside of Raleigh. It was at one point the site of an orphanage that unfortunately went up in flames.

Shortly after the fire, residents noticed strange happenings at this site though. Things like the field where the fire took place, weeks after the incident suddenly smelling so strong of smoke that it would make them violently cough. Once they are able to stop coughing a faint cry of a baby can be heard, and then multiply. This is said to escalate to the point that not many are able to stay in this field too long.

Say Happy Halloween to the “Pink Lady”

No one is 100 percent sure of the origin of the “Pink Lady” at Grove Park Inn. However, her tale is certainly one fitting of a visit for Halloween in North Carolina. However, it is known that her death was as a result of her falling from a fifth-floor overlook at this famous NC hotel. 

Since this fall, hotel guests have unknowingly seen this “woman” in a pink gown and speaking nicely with their children. One guest even left a thank-you note at the front desk to the “lady in pink!” It is said she had a special connection to the hotel’s room number 545, but regardless of your room, she is said to play pranks and not choose favorites…and hey, on this voyage, even if the Halloween in. North Carolina spookiness wasn’t present at least it’s a fun getaway at one of the nicest hotels statewide.

Take A Trip to Brown Mountain and You Will See…Well, we Are Not Sure What You’re Seeing?!?!

Another Halloween in North Carolina stop that there is not much of an explanation for is Brown Mountain. Many over the years have seen this phenomenon and no legitimate explanations have been given.

Basically, what you will see visiting Brown Mountain for Halloween in North Carolina is different colors and shapes and strange orbs rising through the trees and up into the sky.

But what exactly is this? People have captured it many times on video and photos. Locals have claimed it was everything from dead spirits to marsh gas to aliens. But we will let you decide with your own two eyes….if you dare.

It Just Wouldn’t Be a Halloween in North Carolina Without Visiting the “Devil” 

This is the last stop we will bring you to on our “spooky” suggestions for Halloween in North Carolina. Once again, it is a well-known place across NC. Likewise, no one has an explanation for what goes on at the “Devil’s Tramping Grounds.” 

This is a 40- foot in diameter circle of land. The strangeness here is that nothing at all will grow on this 40-foot area. There is more that adds to the mystique here, however. It is actually said that if something is left in this circle that it will disappear by the next day. Again, no explanation here , as to how this would happen. However, you must admit, this along with the rest of our entries make a pretty good list of “spooky sites” for Halloween in North Carolina.