The Three “B’s” of the Fuquay-Varina Library

Fuquay Varina is known for its resident-friendly amenities. These include its scenic and wide-open green spaces, trails, and parks. Likewise, it is a town known for excellence in education. One amazing educational tool in town that is continuously growing is the Fuquay Varina Library.

Benefits, Buildings, and Books: The 3 B’s of the Fuquay Varina Library

The Fuquay-Varina Library offers many reading options in addition to great programs for kids and adults.

A recent article on the new Fuquay Varina Library was written by David Dirlam, of Fuquay Varina’s “Suburban Living Magazine.” In the piece, Dirlam talks with some key figures in the process leading to the venue’s recent expansion. Likewise, he discusses the great things going on and even more expansion in the future.

Consequently, in reading this post on the Fuquay Varina Library, the columnist breaks his piece up into three areas, and we will follow suit, detailing the same areas.

Benefits: Classic Fuquay Varina Library Perks Coupled with all the Modern Services.

In Mr. Dirlam’s article, under the “Benefits” subheading, he interviewed the manager of the Fuquay Varina Library, Janet West.

He spoke of Ms. West’s small town, Pennsylvania upbringing and eventual graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. Her tale goes on to tell of time spent in the teaching field. She then recalls she “fell in love with the power of books and reading to transform young people.”

West and her husband relocated to Chapel Hill, where she completed graduate studies in Library Science. This would pave the way for her as Youth Services Librarian in Knightdale, NC. In addition, she is also the co-chair of the North Carolina Children’s Book Award Committee.

Say Goodbye to the “Shush”

Library Park is yet another beautiful area that one can utilize their creativity at the Fuquay Varina Library

As far as the stereo type of people being “shushed” in the library, Ms. West notes the following. The Fuquay Varina Library will not operate like this, “Once upon a time, “SHHH” was the first thing you heard in a library. ” She added, “I never had a course in ‘Shushing.'” 

She concluded, “Today, not only do librarians talk out load about books and information, but they talk about them with community members in their libraries. And what a treat such talk is!”

Buildings: Fuquay Varina Library Becomes a “Stunning, ” Larger Space

The second “b” is buildings, which is actually a benefit as well. According to the “Surburban Living” piece, the size and look of the facility are both something locals should be excited about. It has once before been improved and expanded, and this may happen again.

“Fuquay-Varina readers have a stunning place to visit.” Fox’s writings continued, “It has double the space for books, computers, interactions, and even parking. The site and building plans already reserve space to double again into a “regional library” at some future time.”

The Third “B”: Books, Books, and Books

The following is a rendering of what the library would look like after proposed renovations that could begin as soon as Fall 2019 pending approval

Dirlam begins this section of his story by referring his interview with Ms. West. He recalls here his final questions to the librarian, one of which is, “How do people grow in their use of the library?” 

In reply, Ms. West emphasized that the library’s first goal is to serve people, and she identified some key ways. “People commonly begin by just wanting to use the computer,” west said. “Next, readers who love exploring on their own, find what they want or fill our little library’s huge request shelving. Steady library goersmake even more use of services, which include finding data as well as books.” 

She continued, “Some patrons invariably stop by the “Lucky Day Collection,” a shelf of high-demand books with long waiting lists. If you find one on this shelf, there’s no waiting. It’s your lucky day! A pitstop there may spawn a new interest.”

A Final Message to Residents About the Fuquay-Varina Library

The last interview question, Dirlam notes is often the same in any of his community-oriented pieces such as this one. “What would you like to say to the whole community?” In response, Librarian West concluded, “We’re excited about the new facility and hoping that the location change, along with more books, more programs, more parking, and even a few more computers, you’ll come and visit.” 

The Fuquay-Varina Library is located at 133 South Fuquay Avenue in Fuquay-Varina. It is open Monday-Thursday from 9 am- 9 pm and Friday-Saturday from 10 am- 6 pm. Sunday hours are 1 pm- 5pm. For further details, visit