New Raleigh Restaurants for 2021 Offer Plenty of Fresh Tastes in Town


Any owner or even patrons of restaurants nationwide can attest. The year 2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year at best for the entire foodservice industry. As the city of Raleigh always has a spectacular array of food options. There are many all-new choices opening their doors in 2021 and things are already looking up. With you and your family opting to relocate to the South Lakes community and your new home in Fuquay Varina, all of the New Raleigh Restaurants are just a slight drive away. So, yes, owners are happy to open up to regular-sized crowds. But the true winners with all the fantastic new tastes may actually be you.

Wondering what type of New Raleigh Restaurants we are in store for? Well, basically, ask yourself, “What types food do I like?” Maybe BBQ joints? How about fried chicken? Maybe your “go to ” is Italian, and pizza, or Mexican? With all of these, the New Raleigh Restaurants that have either just opened or are set to start serving at their new place of business have got you covered. An example of the vast array of tastes for 2021 is as follows below.

New Raleigh Restaurants are “Smokin'” at these BBQ Joints

Regardless of your choice of smoked meats, what type of sauce you prefer, or your choice of scrumptious sides, there is no question the in Raleigh and across NC, BBQ is big business and a popular choice among seemingly everyone. The following four New Raleigh Restaurants bring their brand of “‘Cue” to town in 2021. 

Wyatt’s Whole Hog Barbecue, 2409 Crabtree Boulevard

Distance from South Lakes:  19.8 miles

Co-owner of established and popular Raleigh eatery PICNIC, Wyatt Dickson introduces the Triangle area to his brand of pastured, whole-hog BBQ, fulfilling a long-time goal of his. This unique entrant of New Raleigh Restaurants will have visible wood-fired smokers, a full-service bar, and a large dining room. The atmosphere is slated to be the equivalent of a classic pig pickin’ but indoors. Featured favorites at Wyatt’s Whole Hog BBQ are expected to include Eastern-style NC BBQ sandwiches, South Carolina-style hash, house-made sausages, ribs, brisket, chicken, and more.

Sam Jones BBQ, 502 Lenoir Street

Distance from South Lakes: 16.3 miles

A fourth-generation pit master and this New Raleigh Restaurants namesake, Sam Jones, has recently opened his second BBQ restaurant in the “Oak City” at 502 Lenoir Street. An extended family lineage of delicious Eastern NC-style BBQ runs in the Jones’ family. With a heritage in the Raleigh BBQ game starting in 1947, they are famous for whole hog BBQ served with a sweet coleslaw and a large side of homemade cornbread. This new Lenoir Street location puts Sa Jones BBQ right in the heart of downtown Raleigh.

Longleaf Swine, 300 East Edenton Street

Distance from South Lakes: 17.3 miles

It began as a start-up popular food trailer in 2016. Then evolved into one of the area’s most frequented BBQ food trucks for partners Adam Cunningham and Marc Russell. Now, they will finally be one of 2021’s New Raleigh Restaurants, with a brick-and-mortar restaurant facility set to open at 300 East Edenton Street. Just as they’re known for “bringing all the smoked meats,” with their food truck. Longleaf Swine is “bringing” smoked pork, brisket, ribs, sausages, and homemade sides that the area has come to crave.

The Preserve, 512 Creekside Drive, Raleigh

Distance from South Lakes: 23.6 miles

Tacos, Pizza, and Chicken…Oh My!!!

What could be more popular than tacos, pizza, or crispy chicken? Maybe when each of those eateries is opening as separate entities among the New Raleigh Restaurants for 2021. No matter which of these yummy items you get a craving for, you can rest assured just a zip down the road can curb those cravings at one of the following establishments.

Gym Tacos, Hillsborough Street 

Anyone familiar with that bright orange food truck with the huge crowds at the Valero gas station off Six Forks Road will be happy to see this among the New Raleigh Restaurants. Gym Tacos has climbed to heights of few food trucks before it only by word of mouth and by delicious tasting tacos, tortas, and other Mexican specialties. Now, with a brick-and-mortar location across from Meredith College, it seems the sky is the limit for some of the most popular tacos in town. 

Distance from South Lakes: 18.3 miles

Di Fara Pizza, East Chatham Street, Cary 

If you are a New Yorker that has relocated and this sounds like a familiar name to you, it’s because it should be. This spinoff pizza joint that recently opened on East Chatham Street is the first East Coast Di Fara location outside New York City. Di Fara Pizza has a history in the “Big Apple” dating back to 1965 and accolades including the New Yorker, the New York Times, and late chef Anthony Bourdain calling it the “best pizza in New York,” it’s safe to say you will want to “fuhgeddaboudit” and stop in and try some of their delicious pizza.

Distance from South Lakes:  23.6 miles

BB’s Crispy Chicken, 2912 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh

The name of Chef Ashley Christensen is not a strange one to the city of Raleigh by any means. She is the operator of five downtown Raleigh eating and drinking spots. Also Christensen is the Best Chef in America in 2019 according to the James Beard Foundation. But, with BB’s Crispy Chicken, she has placed her focus on a classic when it comes to Southern comfort food, fried chicken. It is said Christensen has developed an all-new recipe that gives a delightfully crunchy exterior with a juicy and tender inside. Add in some special seasoning, and this stop among these New Raleigh Restaurants is one that all should be ready to try upon its grand opening.

Distance from South Lakes: 20.2 miles

New Raleigh Restaurants Bringing Back the Tastes of the Town in 2021

As you can see from the array of choices among these New Raleigh Restaurants that have opened or will be, there are tastes for all pallets. Likewise, none. of these highly anticipated eateries are further than a 30 minute drive from your new home in Fuquay Varina at South Lakes. Now, with all of the uncertainties we all faced in 2020 in the rear view mirror. For the remainder of 2021, things are looking up and with these New Raleigh Restaurants. In actuality, things are looking quite delicious.

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