North Carolina Beaches Our Top Picks

North Carolina Beaches

Often North Carolina’s beaches are the most talked-about feature when referring to North Carolina real estate, and rightfully so. North Carolina is an East Coast state with several beautiful and historic beaches North Carolina along the coast. The Outer Banks North Carolina Beaches stretch across a large portion of the North Carolina coastline, and it’s one of the more popular vacation destinations in the entire Southeast region.

The Eastern North Carolina location is also considered prime territory for beachgoers, golfers, water sports enthusiasts, or any other type of outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend their free time on or near the water.

Each year thousands flock to North Carolina’s waterways for aquatic activities such as fishing charters, deep-sea fishing excursions out at sea, on the water kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), canoeing, and many more. North Carolina beaches are also one of the most popular destinations for kiteboarding. 

With North Carolina boasting multiple public beach access points that North Carolina locals call “First Row,” there is no shortage of North Carolina beach real estate to choose from in North Carolina’s Outer Banks Coastal Region.

North Carolina beaches on the North Carolina Inner Banks and North Carolina Central Coast region also offer North Carolina locals and tourists North Carolina some of North Carolina’s most beautiful North Carolina coastal scenery, with miles of unspoiled sands.

For those individuals who prefer to spend their time inland, consider renting a North Carolina vacation home or condo that allows you access to North Carolina’s various recreational opportunities such as golfing, kayaking, or canoeing North Carolina down quiet rivers jaunts, or white water rafting through one of several rivers in North Carolina’s mountainous regions. 

The beauty of North Carolinas terrain is unprecedented in many regions throughout the South East US. So, it doesn’t matter where you decide to go in North Carolinas expansive; everyone can enjoy outdoor activities. North Carolina’s North Carolina’s landscape is the perfect backdrop for North Carolina outdoor enthusiasts North Carolina all year round.

Beachside Picnic 10 things to Pack:

  1. Frozen Bottles of Water
  2. Bottle Opener
  3. Paper towels\napkins
  4. Serving spoons\utensils
  5. Wet Wipes
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7. A serving tray
  8. Folding knife
  9. Trash bags
  10. Blanket

Lastly, many yummy snacks, sandwiches, salads, and fruit.


North Carolina Beaches

Best Beaches to Visit in North Carolina

North Carolina has many incredible beaches located along its coast. Here are some of the best ones:

Outer Banks North Carolina Beach: The Outer Banks has miles of pristine coastline and more than 200 public accessible oceanfront parks. However, what makes this area so unique is the novelty of the landscape; namely, you’ll find yourself surrounded by unbroken views of both sky and water thanks to the North Carolina barrier islands. North Carolina Outer Banks beaches’ dunes, North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and North Carolina’s Wright Island Park are popular North Carolina attractions for beachgoers.

North Carolina Beaches: These North Carolina beaches offer visitors a taste of the more authentic North Carolina experience with pristine sand, rolling waves, and little commercial development. North Carolina Beaches occupy several miles of coastal real estate that extend from the North Carolina border south to Topsail Beach, where North Carolinians can enjoy their favorite activities in familiar surroundings. With plenty of public access points along the way, you will not lack places to stop or turn around if your heart desires during your drive down North Carolina Beach Road (North Myrtle Beach, North Carolina to North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore). North Carolina Beaches, among others, include North Carolina Surf City and North Carolina Sunset Beach.

North Carolina Outer Banks: North Carolina Outer Banks beaches’ dunes, North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and North Carolina’s Wright Island Park are popular North Carolin attractions for beachgoers. Popular activities at North Carolina beaches include surfing, fishing, kiteboarding, and kayaking. You will also find plenty of hotels and restaurants along the way to take a break and enjoy food or refreshments, as well as shopping at several high-class outlet malls throughout the coastal regions in North America’s most favorite state to visit–North Carolina!


Suppose North Carolina mountains, North Carolina beaches, North Carolina Outer Banks, Central North Carolinas rivers and lakes aren’t enough to satisfy your desire for all things North Carolina. There are also plenty of state parks in North Carolina that offer camping sites and hiking trails, all close to North Carolina’s major cities. All in one vacation, people can enjoy various North Carolina recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or tubing at ski resorts in North Carolina throughout the winter months. There are even hot springs spas located near mountain ranges!

There’s absolutely no limit to what you can do in the great state of North Carolina. With so many opportunities to see and experience, every individual is sure to find something they love!

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