North Carolina Named Second Best State for Business and Careers by Forbes

Another among many factors supporting your decision to buy a home at the South Lakes new home community in Fuquay Varina is the recent Forbes ranking of the state of North Carolina, placing it second among all 50 states in the prestigious annual listings of the Best State for Business and Careers for 2015.

Improving even on last year’s lofty ranking as Forbes’ number three Best State for Business and Careers in the 2014 listings, North Carolina finished ahead of all states in the union other than Utah, which clung to the top spot for a second consecutive year. Maintaining the consistent growth that has many professionals taking notice of the “Tar Heel State,” it was noted in the Forbes’ article on the Best State for Business and Career that North Carolina is the only state in the entire country that has ranked in the top five every year since they have conducted the rankings.

Speaking to the lofty ranking on the Best State for Business and Career listings, the profile on North Carolina on said, “With one of the highest net migration rates in the U.S., people have been flocking to North Carolina for the past decade. They are chasing jobs.” It continued to say, “The unemployment rate was stuck above 10% for most of 2009 through 2011, but has dipped to 5.4% in 2015. North Carolina has the smallest union workforce in the U.S. in terms of percent of total employment. The resulting benefit is labor costs that are 10% below the national average and fifth overall lowest in the country.”

Forbes’ also cited a cost of doing business in North Carolina at 10 percent below the national average, in addition to the state ranking tenth in prospective growth and ninth overall in labor supply as major factors in being ranked as the number two Best State for Business and Careers.

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