Staying “in the Loop” With More North Carolina Waterfalls


Continuing along with our second and final post on the glorious North Carolina Waterfalls, we continue along the Western NC “Waterfall Loop.” As noted in our original post, we started our eye-popping, spectacular journey and visited the first five of eleven falls along our route. Located well within driving distance to your new home in Fuquay Varina at the South Lakes neighborhood for a weekend excursion, the final six waterfalls on the “loop” are equally as impressive and breathtaking as you will see below. 

Our North Carolina Waterfalls road trip has already taken us through the beautiful Smoky Mountains. From there, we went down US 19/74 before we hooked back around up US Route 107 with two stops before we left off at Cullasaja Falls. Let’s pick back up on our route from there.

Whether “Highlands” or “High Falls,” North Carolina Waterfalls Always Impress

Travelling Southbound on US 64/28, we move towards the aforementioned Highlands area. Here we will cruise through and see three more of the most spectacular Waterfalls of North Carolina as the loop continues towards its final few legs.

Dry Falls

The ironically named Dry Falls is next on the Waterfalls of North Carolina loop. It is the first of our four located in the also aptly named Highlands. There is a little something to the naming of these gorgeous 75-foot-high falls through. Here, you can walk underneath the falls. When you do, you’ll notice the angle at which the water cascades down. This somehow makes it so you do not get a drop on you. Thus, even under the falls, you remain dry.

Bridal Veil Falls 

Just as we had experienced with the initial trio of stops on our loop, the Highlands area, Waterfalls of North Carolina are very close by one another. Described at as “just a stone’s throw away from Dry Falls,” this is a staggering 120-foot waterfall. This may be the most photographed and iconic of all NC waterfalls; however, seeing it in person is even more breathtaking than you could imagine. These falls also have an area that you can get underneath but remain dry.

Silver Run Falls

So, next up is Silver Run Falls. While this next visit along our Waterfalls of North Carolina loop is only 30-feet tall, it may have the unique look of any on the trip. A true spectacle to behold is these falls emptying over the rocks and into its pool below. This stop is another quick and convenient one, too, with a designated pull of and a very short walk to a viewing area.

On the Reservation for More North Carolina Waterfalls

The last “leg” of the loop is upon us. We pull away from Silver Run falls and head northbound on NC 107 on our way toward the Blue Ridge Parkway. Once we hit the “Parkway,” we run northeast over to the Cherokee Indian Reservation for our final two Waterfalls of North Carolina on this excursion.

Mingo Falls

The first of our two “Cherokee” stops to wrap up our Waterfalls of North Carolina excursion finds us at Mingo Falls. This is in the community of Big Cove, and at 120-feet high, this is one of the tallest waterfalls in Southern Appalachia. These falls derive their name from the Cherokee language, as it stands for “big bear.”

Soco Falls

The final stop on the journey is a staggering waterfall located only 1.5 miles west of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is also one of the most memorable Waterfalls of North Carolina, not because it is the final stop on the loop. But it is notable for being a rare, double waterfall. It is about 11 miles east of the Cherokee reservation and has a designated pull-off with easy access to a great viewing platform.

Our journey began at the incredible 90-foot high Juney Whank falls and took us past nine other wonders of nature, capping us off at Soco Falls. Whether you are interested in seeing all 11 North Carolina waterfalls, just one of them in particular, or any number of them in between, they are some of the most gorgeous in-person scenery you will find not just in-state, but anywhere across the country. Add in that they are reasonable driving distance from you in the South Lakes community in Fuquay-Varina and that the entire loop of eleven is only about four and a half hours total drive time, the North Carolina Waterfalls are waiting to shower you in breathtaking beauty and “whet your appetite” to see more and more.

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