Raleigh Area Coffee Shops : The Best “Beans: in the Area!


The Raleigh and surrounding area are one of the country’s most desirable areas for relocation. Regardless if a young family, a college student, an early-career professional, or retiree, the allure is there. You know the reasons. They are the same that found you landing in Fuquay Varina in a new home at South Lakes. There are great employment opportunities. Great schools and education opportunities are incredible as well. Another desirable factor in your new hometown of Fuquay and the surrounding Raleigh  area would be there a vast array of choices for food and beverage. Restaurants for any style you desire. Arguably the country’s top for craft brewery selections. Likewise, there is certainly no shortage of great places for coffee. Below, we will look at the best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops, covering the entire surrounding area.

Any time of year is good, but especially in these cold months, these Raleigh Area Coffee Shops are a stop worth making. Not only the delicious, warming flavors are awaiting, but at these special places, the atmosphere is worth taking in as well. So, instead of hitting the “big chains,” enjoy the Best Raleigh Coffee Shops and support the local community. In addition, we think you may just fall in love with the beverages and the shops themselves.

(In this post, we take a look at our choices for the best coffee shops in the immediate surrounding area of Raleigh. Being there were so many fantastic options both inside and outside of city limits. Thus, in our next post we will look at the Best Coffee Shops actually in the city of Raleigh, too.)

Best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops: Coffee All Around the Capital

Thanks A Latte, 1118 Kentweorth Drive, Holly Springs

Ok, for our first stop along the top Raleigh Area Coffee Shops we head to the town of Holly Springs. With a catchy and creative name and operations being run all by one family, “Thanks A Latte” is the epitome of the “small town” or “mom and pop” coffee shop.

The mother and two daughters trio running this entry of our best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops have crafted the perfect spot for a pastry, tea, or of course, coffee. They also have a fantastic boutique with unique, handmade items. No wonder the website visitraleigh.com said of Thanks A Latte, “this place exemplifies Southern Charm at its finest.”

Full Bloom, Garner 141 West Main St, Garner

You will find moving through our selections for the best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops, there are a few constants. One is a “family feeling” between the owner, staff, and customers. This “feeling” is no more apparent than at Full Bloom in Garner.

This shop, which Visit Raleigh calls “truly a hidden treasure.” Full Bloom prides itself on being dedicated to the local farmers who supply the beans for the coffee. Likewise, they have that same dedication to their many loyal and regular customers. Whether there to try their unique specialty drinks, a bag of the aforementioned local grown beans, or just a cup of coffee and conversation, at Full Bloom the “family feeling” is strong.

Common Grounds Coffeehouse and Desserts, 219 North Salem Street, Apex

Common Grounds Coffee House in Apex claims, “There is nothing common about these grounds.” Locals and any visitor to this cafe for that matter, all seem to agree wholeheartedly. 

Common Grounds is known for their delicious homemade desserts, exceptional seasonal flavors on top of their great beverage selection. In addition, their handmade crafts and unique gifts will have you bringing something home.

The Mill, 146 South Main Street, Fuquay Varina

A downtown favorite in Fuquay Varina whether morning for a coffee or evening for a craft beer. Not to once again speak of the family or “community feel.” But the Mill is as community-based as any shop on this or any other list. Not to mention, it is awfully close to South Lakes! 

Placing it among our Best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops, are all the great community events held here. With a dynamite coffee and tea selection and over 20 local beers on tap, the Mill has all hours of the day covered. Once you come and see, we are positive you will agree.

BREW Coffee Bar, Three Area Locations

Now this is one of our Raleigh Area Coffee Shops that not only has its location in Cary at the Cary Theatre but also has two other locations in the city of Raleigh. The Cary locale is at 122 East Chatham Street, while the two Raleigh shops find one at 2411 Crabtree Boulevard and the second at 2310 Bale Street.

BREW, fittingly for its name, and not unlike The Mill specializing in both coffee and craft beers. It is known that their handcrafted coffee and latte experiences may have slightly longer preparation time. However, they are fully worth the wait, as any local near whichever BREW location they call home will agree.

Best Raleigh Area Coffee Shops: How Far from South Lakes?

Any and all of the above entries are a fantastic stop for a “cup of joe.” The atmosphere of each is friendly and welcoming while maintaining the modern feel of what a great cafe should be. All of these are located within a very short and drivable distance from your new home in Fuquay Varina at South Lakes. 

Distance from South Lakes to the Best Coffee Shops in Raleigh

  • Thanks A Latte (Holly Springs) – 17 minutes (8.0 miles)
  • Full Bloom (Garner)- 25 minutes (14.3 miles)
  • Common Grounds Coffee House and Desserts (Apex)- 29 minutes (14.8 miles)
  • The Mill (Fuquay-Varina)- 11 minutes (5.1 miles)
  • BREW Coffee Bar (3 Separate Locations)
  • (Crabtree, Raleigh) -32 minutes minutes (19.7 miles)
  • (Bale St., Raleigh) – 32 minutes, (19.5 miles)
  • (Cary)- 35 minutes (17.4 miles)

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