Selecting the right windows, can help you save money when building a new home


When taking on the task of having a new home built, many different choices are placed upon you, but one that can eventually prove to save you money in the long run is making an educated selection when deciding on what type of windows are put in at your new residence.

When looking at energy costs, what would be considered the “gold standard” in energy efficient windows would be “Low-E,” or low emissivity windows. Consisting of an inside and outer pain of glass, “Low-E” windows have a non-active gas such as argon, in the space between panes to give the home owner the maximum insulation possible without effecting the clarity of the glass. Single or double glazed windows are the next most efficient types, as they are coated with a transparent finish to also help prevent some heat loss. An unglazed window, is yet another option, but is by far the least energy efficient solution when selecting your windows.

There are many things to consider when “window shopping,” beginning with preventing condensation. Searching for a window with warn air technology and metal spacers along its edges is key in keeping the temperature of your window close to that inside the home, thus not allowing condensation to form. In a warm climate such as the area we reside, one must also consider solar penetration. Purchasing a window with an ultra violet blocking coating will allow the sun to shine through, while blocking damaging UV rays that over time can cause fading to furniture or carpet with in the direct path of this light. Another thing to focus on when thinking about energy efficiency and minimizing the amount of UV rays is placement. It is recommended that if a new homeowner is set on the common floor to ceiling windows, that in order to provide the most warmth, they should be inserted on the home’s south side.

While building your new home, many factors play into eventual savings for you and your family in the long run. The selection of energy efficient and practical windows can help to keep you warm in the colder months, cooler in the summer time, and also save you money on many levels if chosen correctly. The fantastic team of home builders at South lakes can assist you in finding just the right window fit as they work alongside you to build your new house here in beautiful Fuquay-Varina.