“Nesting Season” is Near at South Lakes Elementary School


No question, we have all recently been faced with times of doubt. we have witnessed our children out of school and parents doing the best they can to help teach their kids. it’s only been a few months on the “stay at home” order. However, many parents 2and children alike are longing for the days of normalcy to return. One thing that signifies that “return to normal” will be the eventual return to schools. no one can say for sure if doors will open on time for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. But, Fuquay Varina and South Lakes residents will be pleased to know that things have been moving forward. Consequently, it has been announced that South Lakes Elementary School will be the only new WCPSS facility to open in August 2020!

Making Sure Everyone is “Comfortable in Their Own Shell” at South Lakes Elementary School

One of the first items available to parents and students that will be a part of this new school family is its own page at wcpss.net. Upon the page’s introduction, they announce the school’s mascot is a Sea Turtle.

So, why a sea turtle to represent South Lakes Elementary School you ask? Well, several factors actually played into the still-unnamed mascot. There are several points of inspiration playing into South Lakes Elementary School name of “Sea Turtles.” On this page, it explains that the decision is made despite sea turtles not living in lakes. However, they go on to explain this as a reason in support of their choice. The reasoning given behind that choice was that at South Lakes Elementary School they plan to do what others believe to be impossible at “The Lake.”

Three Colors Combine as Three Schools Become One at South Lakes Elementary

Continuing with the inspiration behind South Lake Elementary School becoming the “Sea Turtles,” is the color scheme for the mascot. To clarify, most of the children attending South Lakes Elementary School are moving to the Fuquay Varina school. They make the move from one of two schools they attended previously. The two schools in which the majority of the kids will see reassignment to South Lakes from are Fuquay Varina Elementary (FVE) and Willow Springs Elementary (WSE). Now, the students coming over from FVE’s previous school colors were blue. Likewise, WSE has orange as their main color. These two colors are chose and then a third color, completes the scheme. Thus, the Sea Turtles become the mascot.

“Nesting Season”: It’s the Time for Introductions

Playing off of their mascot selection, the team at SLES has decided that during “nesting season” (mid-May- August) in North Carolina, they would begin to introduce the SLES staff. Thus, at wcpss.net/southlakeses, every week from now through the end of August, the staff will introduce themselves.

South Lakes Elementary School is located directly adjacent to the South Lakes new home community. The physical address is at 190 SE Fuquay Varina Parkway in Fuquay Varina. For all updates on the new school, check back at wcpss.net/southlakeses. To see more on the new section of homes at North Lakes in the South Lakes neighborhood, visit southlakesliving.com.