One of the most sought after amenities in the surrounding Raleigh area is connectivity to the area’s greenway trails. In opting to search new homes in Fuquay-Varina at South Lakes, you get even more than just a nearby connection. This is due to the beautiful South Lakes Greenway Trail, which is directly accessible in the South Lakes new home community.

South Lakes Greenway Trail: The History


The boardwalk trails along the South Lakes Greenway give a scenic backdrop for a walk, run, or ride

In early 2011, plans were set forth to begin expanding the South Lakes neighborhoods focus on providing residents’ outdoor living options. When first opening, there was a shorter portion of the greenway trail accessible from the neighborhood. However, with the rising demand for active lifestyle amenities, South Lakes looked to the future.

It was that Spring (2011) that the idea to extend the South Lakes Greenway Trail was introduced. The new addition is a connector from the neighborhood to the larger Depot Trail and other Fuquay-Varina parks as well.

While the trail initially was constructed by the South Lakes team, the Town of Fuquay-Varina has been very hands-on and actually have taken over ownership and the maintaining of the South Lakes Greenway Trail.

Construction and Connecting: The South Lakes Greenway Trail Expansion


The addition and expansion are complete, connecting you to several outdoor destinations.

This construction took place along South NC Highway 55 and connected the Depot Trail to the pre-existing South Lakes Greenway Trail. In the late Summer of 2013, the expansion efforts began. After this work was finished in 2014, the Greenway now runs directly through South Lakes.

Consequently, the add-on to the trail would connect the South Lakes Greenway Trails to existing Wake County Greenway Trails. Similarly, it gives residents a spectacular, scenic route to Fuquay’s Old Honeycutt Road Park and beyond.

South Lakes Greenway Trail: The Timeline

The following are statistics on the South Lakes Greenway Trails.

  • 2007– South Lakes new home community opens. It features its own scenic greenway trail on-site.
  • 2011– Approval of plans for expansion. The changes proposed would entail the South Lakes Greenway Trails connecting to other trails and parks.
  • 2013– After final approval, construction begins on the existing trail.
  • 2014- The construction is finished. The South Lakes Trail becomes a 2-mile path. Additionally, it provides residents a scenic and serene passage to other area trails. Likewise, the trail gives a direct path to Fuquay’s Old Honeycutt Road Park.

Where Do We Connect???


The playground at Old Honeycutt Road Park in Fuquay Varina is just one of its many features

The 11-acre, Old Honeycutt Road Park is a long time favorite outdoor living destination for area residents. It is located at 101 Fitness Drive in Fuquay- Varina.

In addition to the walking trail now connected to the South Lakes trail, this park also includes these amenities.

  • Picnic Shelters
  • Playground
  • Soccer Fields
  • Tennis Courts
  • Restroom Facilities

Active Lifestyle at South Lakes …and Beyond!


South Lakes is continuously looking for ways to give residents even more outdoor living options.

The focus on outdoor amenities is detailed on the “Community” page of the official South Lakes website. In describing the efforts to become the desirable, active lifestyle community its become, one quote stands out among the rest. The comment there states, “Outdoor living at South Lakes stretches far beyond just the neighborhood and the local community.”

Always evolving and keeping resident wants in mind, the team at South Lakes continues delivering just as the above quote states. South Lakes will no doubt continue to keep their hands on the pulse of the residents. Therefore, the greenway trails, on-site 30-acre lake, and over 120 acres of open and green space are just the beginning.

The outdoor living options at the South Lakes new home community are always expanding. Likewise, once outside of the neighborhood, the rest of Fuquay- Varina has adopted a philosophy much the same.

The town is an ideal spot for your active lifestyle and all your outdoor living aspirations. A detailed look at the Town of Fuquay-Varina outdoor living options will follow in this series of articles. For more information on all of the trails and parks across town, visit

(Photo Credits: Town of Fuquay-Varina)