South Lakes Outdoor Amenities: A Safe Path to Serenity Just Outside Your Door


This post continues our theme on outdoor activities here in Fuquay Varina. In our previous articles we look at safe and sanitary ways to keep busy during these crazy times. This post is no different, with one exception. That being, literally you won’t have to take but a few steps out your own door. While the past two posts cover the parks and trails in town “outdoor destination” profile keeps things right in the neighborhood. Of course, the beautiful and scenic features we are referring to are the South Lakes Outdoor Amenities.

To start lets go back in time. All the way to when the South Lakes new home community opened in 2007. From day one we thrive on providing residents with ways to enjoy nature and the outdoors within the neighborhood. That could mean you kayaking across our 30-acre lake or dropping a fishing pole in it. Likewise, you may opt to take the kids down to our pools for some splashing fun. Maybe, just a nice, quiet walk on the greenway trail. It’s your choice. However, especially in these times where peace of mind and a nice breath of fresh air is more welcome than ever, we continue to do all we can to improve your South Lakes Outdoor Amenities.

Cool Off, take a Break and Get Outside to Enjoy all the Space

Sure, we know in moving to the South Lakes community your decision was based on many factors. A safe neighborhood for the kids, a tight-knit local community with great events and entertainment options nearby. But who would have foreseen before this past March, what would lie ahead? Now, we can’t take credit for being fortune-tellers and that being our reasoning behind all the incredible South lakes Outdoor Amenities. We simply wanted the residents to have a neighborhood that emphasized them enjoying nature and the scenic beauty of the South Lakes community. However, with regulations and uncertainties abound, it sure is nice that all of the completely safe, amenities below await just steps outside your living room.

To start with South Lakes Outdoor Amenities, we head directly to our aforementioned lake. 30-acres and as peaceful and beautiful as one could imagine. Whether taking a canoe or kayak around or standing aside and spending a day fishing in the sun, the lake certainly can assist in a peaceful, serene day. Likewise, is the community’s 29 acres of open green space. Playground area for the kids and seemingly never-ending open space and scenery for you to enjoy as well. Also, in these hot summer days, don’t forget the pools are still open. We do ask that you follow safety guidelines to keep everything safe in this time of the pandemic, but that refreshing water awaits, and the splash feature will keep the kids happy too.

South Lakes Outdoor Amenities Connecting You Across the Region

Last but certainly not least among our South Lakes Outdoor Amenities is the South Lakes Greenway Trail. Not to sound repetitive here, but take a few steps outside, and you are connected to the entire county along the greenway. Initially, our very own on-site trails saw expansion plans, and in 2014 construction was complete on the 2-mile path known as South Lakes Greenway Trail. 

That construction tied our trail to the Wake County Greenway Trail, which basically allows you access not only to the gorgeous scenery along the way but leads you right to several great Fuquay town parks, and if you wanted to, so many more spectacular sights and breathtaking views.

Whether it’s by bike, with the family dog, running, hiking, walking, or just soaking in the atmosphere, this no doubt is what we had in mind when trying to offer residents the best outdoor amenities around.

So, as we will continue in our posts to remind you of ways to safely still take part in activities and stay entertained, we remind you that sometimes, you don’t need to look far for what you are actually looking for. Sometimes, as in the case with our South Lakes Outdoor Amenities, there’s a whole world of activities waiting for you once you open up your own front door.

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