Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours : Take a Peek without Leaving Your Seat!

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As our series on New Homes in Fuquay Varina NC at North Lakes continues, we will eventually introduce you to another four spectacular Terramor Homes. However, with the ongoing expansion of the North Lakes section of the South Lakes new home community, and the current restrictions all are facing, the talented Terramor Homes team sought out ways to make your home search an easy process. Keeping ahead of the competition, we will introduce you in this post to the Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours.

Terramor Homes has been developing ways to make the home viewing and buying experience comfortable and safe for you. You can see their innovative ways of viewing right from that chair you are sitting in while reading this. It can’t easier than taking a “Virtual Home Tour,” or watching a “Virtual Model Home Open House.” We will introduce you to both of these. So, there has never been a more convenient way to tour the homes at South Lakes. Thus, now is the perfect time to start the process.Terramor Homes Virtual Home tours Finames-vit

All this being said, if you still would like to view the new homes in Fuquay Varina NC at North Lakes, you can. You must simply first place a call to the sales office at 919-241-7444 and make an appointment. Then you can still walk through any of the beautiful New Homes in Fuquay Varina NC from Terramor Homes.

“Virtually” Impossible to not Be Impressed with the New Homes in Fuquay Varina NC at North Lakes 

Terramor Homes has published to their official blog three different ways in which they are making the home viewing experience easy at South Lakes. They explained at terramorhomes.com their thought process in coming up with these methods for you, the home buyer. 

“We understand that the home buying process can seem daunting,” the piece begins. “There are many decisions that need to be made, from your budget to location preferences and desired amenities.” The article continues, speaking of giving you choices even given the current “stay-at-home” regulations. “…Here in the Triangle, you have lots of options with more new homes and communities becoming available every day.”

In summarizing their rationale for introducing the three forms of Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours, they add the following. “At Terramor Homes, our team aims to make the process simple and provide you with the resources to make quick and educated decisions.”

Introducing the 3 Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours Options at South Lakes and North Lakes!

  • Live New Home Tours 
  • Shared Screen Meetings
  • U Studio Design Consultations

Terramor Homes Live New Home Tours: Explore Your Community!

The first of Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours is one suggested when just beginning the home searching process. Once again, referring to their post on this process, Terramor explains this is a way to explore “right from the comfort of your own home.” The article goes further to tell you what you can expect in this type of tour, which usually takes about one hour.

“Maybe you’re further along in the process and you’ve already decided on your favorite community,” the explanation starts. “With a live new home tour, you can select a few of our beautiful home plans to compare and take a look inside. Either way, your knowledgeable on-site sales representative will walk you through the interior of the home and show off the home’s exterior. Since you’ll be touring in real-time, you can ask questions about the design or request to see something a little closer.”

They close this Terramor Homes Virtual Tours description reminding you of the following. “To join the meeting and take the tour, you’ll need a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera and microphone. Make sure you have the sound on so you can hear the information throughout the live tour.”

We’d Be Happy to “Share our Screen!”

The second of the new tours is the “Shared Screen Meeting.” Likewise, as the above was suggested as a starting point, this would be step two. The experts at Terramor detail this type of interactive tour also. ” Before or after your new home tour, you may be interested in reviewing some of our resources with a Terramor Homes team member. We’ve made it easy for you to do this remotely using screen sharing tool.”

Explaining all the facets of the home that you are able to review utilizing this method, the Terramor post goes on. “During a shared screen meeting, you can review floorplans, image galleries, website collateral, important documents, and more. Our team member will share her screen so that you are both reviewing these resources at the same time. You’ll be able to ask questions and get more detail in real-time. “

As with the first two Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours, this is also typically a one-hour appointment. In concluding their intro to the Shared Screen Meeting, Terramor notes this. “Since you’ll likely be reading on-screen text during this type of appointment, we recommend using a tablet or laptop instead of your phone. It will allow for a larger screen so you can see better.”

Start Customizing on Your Tours in the “U Studio”

The third of the Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours is the “U Studio Design Consultation.” This type of interaction will normally come following the Shared Screen Meeting. This is an exciting part of your home searching/buying process, as here you get to add your own touch to the home.

“Once you’ve found your dream home, it’s time to start customizing! One benefit of working with Terramor Homes is the use of our U Studio, which showcases the most popular selections and interior design trends.” The Terramor blog moves along in discussing this option. “Your visit to the U Studio is a big step toward personalizing your home, from choosing a tile backsplash to picking your faucet finishes. If you can’t make it into the U Studio in person, it’s now possible to select your custom designs virtually!

“During your U Studio design consultation, a designer will use the video conference to showcase your options and help you select custom looks.”

In conclusion, its said “for this type of appointment, you may want your larger screen like a tablet or laptop.” This is to ensure you clearly see every last detail. This like the previous two Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours to make sure you’re seeing all the details. The appointment, too, will last for about an hour.

Book Your Virtual Appointment, Virtually Get to South Lakes, and Get Your Family in that Dream Home Today!

Terramor Homes is excited to bring the prospective home buyers these virtual options. To book your Terramor Homes Virtual Home Tours experience at North Lakes and South Lakes, follow the link below. Fill out the form accordingly, and we will look forward to you “virtually” starting your South Lakes Living experience!

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