Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants: Who’s Number One?


So, we have been through seven of the ten Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants, and it all comes down to this! In this, the final of a three-post series, we will find out the number one favorite spot to eat in Fuquay. The lucky thing for you, all three of these top spots are just a few minutes from South Lakes. Oh, and how do we know that it’s your choice, you may ask?

Well, how we know is, we based our rankings on actual customer reviews and rankings at Trip Advisor. All the Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants that had a minimum of 30 customer reviews were considered and analyzed. In our first posts, we listed numbers 10-7 of our listing. That was followed by the numbers 6-4 entries in article number two. Now, we have come to our three Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants, and they will follow here below.

The Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants: Cracking the Top Three

3. Zeera Indian Restaurant- 1311 East Broad Street, Fuquay Varina

Our number three spot among the Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants is our first that serves up Indian Cuisine. Self-describing themselves at, the restaurant owners at Zeera Indian Restaurant said this. “Zeera is sprouting its sapling in the beautiful, vibrant city of Fuquay Varina. We serve the most authentic traditional Indian food, providing high standards in service and quality.” 

Later in the same description, they explain their dedication to not only authentic Indian dishes but even keeping old family recipes on their menu. “Our sincere effort is to make your dining experience memorable by bringing to you centuries-old Cuisine and recipes from our mother’s kitchen. “As a part of the Main Street hub for the food enthusiast, our sole effort is to present you with fresh food, new savors, and various robust flavors from turmeric, zeera (cumin), ginger, carom seeds, and an array of unique spices which will be a treat to your palate.”

Turning again to Trip Advisor and you, the customer, one reviewer summed up Zeera in short order. “I love it. This place is immaculate and so delicious great prices and good size plates. Everyone should check it out. You will love it. Service is amazing.”

2. Stick Boy Bread Company- 127 South Main Street, Fuquay Varina

Another entry to the Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants and another spot in the heart of downtown. Almost everyone in town knows Stick Boy Bread Company for its excellent and fresh baked goods and sweets.  Opening its doors in Fuquay in January of 2008, this family-operated business has grown to epitomize the tremendous local community spirit of Fuquay Varina. 

Touching on the amazing baked delicacies available here is one reviewer who titled their review, “Cookies, Sweet Rolls, and Scones…Oh My!” The woman writing this recollection then begins as follows, “This little gem has the sweetest owner as who care what they serve.” Then, listing the great choices at Stick Boy, she continues. “The breads, focaccia, cookies, and scones are made fresh with love! The coffee is wonderful, drip or specialty. I do recommend getting the pizza dough, too, if you like to create your own pizza.”

1.Garibaldi- 900 North Main Street, Fuquay Varina

The number one choice of all the Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants should come as no surprise to anyone. If you love Italian, this is your spot. Are you looking for a great steak or chops? Garibaldi is your answer. Maybe fresh seafood is what you crave? So, were among the Top Fuquay Varina Restaurants has got you covered? You guessed it, Garibaldi.

“Hands down one of the best restaurants ever,” proclaims one Garibaldi reviewer. “In the mood for Italian food and not being from the area, we took a chance based on other reviews,” they started. “This place gets it right… Our server was super friendly and knowledgeable of the various meal choices. The bread we got was just perfect, just the right amount of crispy on the outside and very airy on the inside.” They the foreshadowed saying, “But the best was yet to come.”

Speaking to their family’s meals, they go on to say, “My daughter got spaghetti and meatballs. Large serving, really tasty, and perfectly cooked. But OMG, the lobster ravioli with a generous serving of butterflied shrimp. This is my go-to dish when I have Italian, but I have to say, this was the BEST one I ever had.” They wrapped up saying, “Without a doubt, the best meal I’ve had in years. We will be back.”

The True Winner in This “Taste War” is You

Sure, people can pick their favorites. Some readers may like one of these more than Garibaldi or even disagree with some being included. But, one thing that is for sure is that all of these restaurants are excellent choices for you to try at a short distance. Each of them is within just minutes of your new home in the South Lakes neighborhood. Thus, in this “battle of the restaurants,” the actual winner is you.

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