2016 New Home Trends: The “Smart Home” is Bringing the Future into the Present

2016 New Home Trends

In today’s day and age of technology and the need for immediate results that one can control at their very own finger tips, it comes as no surprise that one of the more prominent 2016 New Home Trends is seeing more and more families opt for a Smart Home, giving the new home owners the technology to provide more sound security and in the end manage their own home from the palm of their own hands.

At the South Lakes new home community in Fuquay Varina , the incredible builder teams can work with you each step of the way to assist in making your new house a smart home if you desire to indulge in this most popular of 2016 New Home Trends. Also known as a “connected home,” the choice to follow this the 2016 New Home Trends to make your home “smart” can have a system that connects all aspects of home life to one interface.

The 2016 New Home Trends that have been seeing people lean toward the smart home allows for the home owner to integrate home systems, appliances, and gadgets to one device for ultimate convenience. Making every day life easier, you can just as easily turn your homes’ lights out or set its thermostat from work or while out of town on vacation as you normally would be able to while sitting right in your own living room.

Another reason why builders are seeing the 2016 New Home Trends more often than not including the customer wanting to have a smart home is the savings that can be had through tis easier management of household appliances and devices. As this continues to be on the forefront of 2016 New Home Trends and beyond into the future, this is a major reason that the smart home will only become more prevalent. Not only can a homeowner control these items by themselves while away, but in many cases the smart devices can anticipate when you are or aren’t in your home and actually take care of conservation practices for you. Obviously, whether it is your device or you on your own monitoring items such as a thermostat or water heater or any type of utility based product, the savings in “going smart” begin almost immediately upon installation.

The fantastic home builder teams at South Lakes can work with you every step of the way in building your custom dream house, and this includes installing the newest and most innovative products on the market to help make your new home “smart.” To begin the building process and ask about how you can make your new home a smart home, check out the builders’ page at www.southlakesliving.com.