Restaurants in Fuquay Varina: Have a Taste of “La Madrepatria” at Garibaldi Trattoria in Fuquay Varina

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Located just minutes away from your new dream house in the South Lakes neighborhood in the heart of downtown, over 240 customer reviews have placed Garibaldi Trattoria as number one in the rankings on Trip Advisor among Restaurants in Fuquay Varina, citing their authentic Italian recipes and dishes as an “authentic taste of the ‘old country’ or La Madrepatria.”

Since opening its doors in June of 2014, the authentic Italian tastes, style, and atmosphere offered at Garibaldi Trattoria have made the family operated restaurant the favorite stop for many among Restaurants in Fuquay Varina. Always standing by their mission statement to “provide quality service and outstanding food at an affordable price..and to create the best possible dining experience for our guests and bring the Italian flair to Fuquay-Varina,” the 4.5 out of a possible 5 average ranking in 241 reviews on Trip Advisor speaks volumes for the Italian eatery delivering on that promise.

The most recent reviewer on the site ranking the Restaurants in Fuquay Varina, called Garibaldi Trattoria, “An absolutely awesome and truly authentic Italian restaurant with style. “ The reviewer went on to gush about many of the dishes, including the calamari and lobster ravioli, both of which are menu favorites. In addition to these, with an incredible selection of homemade soups and desserts, Chicken and Veal dishes, seafood, steaks, specialty pizzas, and over ten different homemade pasta offerings, it comes as little surprise that many of the testimonials on Trip Advisor shared the above reviewers sentiments in placing Garibaldi as their top choice among Restaurants in Fuquay Varina.

The delicious food is not the only draw at Garibaldi Trattoria, as another thing setting them apart from the other Restaurants in Fuquay Varina is an extensive wine collection that has been hand selected by the chef and owners to serve your palette and pair up perfectly with your dining selection. On top of nearly 50 different wines to choose from, an impressive “specialty drink” menu and a fine selection of beers is sure to please everyone with your party when stopping into Garibaldi Trattoria.

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