Top Kitchen Trends for 2015

The critically acclaimed and respected design and architecture magazine, “freshome” recently released a list that may come in handy in helping you through the design phase when building a new dream house at Fuquay Varina’s South Lakes new home neighborhood, as they detailed the Top Kitchen Trends for 2015.

Noting that the kitchen has become far more than just a place to cook, the article on the Top Kitchen Trends for 2015 explained that among today’s new home builders and owners the room has become more of a “multi-purpose room that simultaneously allows restaurant-worthy meals to be made while also acting as the hub of all conversation, dining, social gatherings and festivities.”

Getting into their list of the ten Top Kitchen Trends for 2015, the experts at “freshome” started with the recent popularity in bold colors being used. The addition of industrial lighting to one’s kitchen came in as the number two entry on the list, and several key elements to look for were detailed. These suggestions included a variety of popular styles such as, black steel, stainless steel, wire caging in place of scones, clear glass and old-fashioned style light bulbs, cooper or brass, and rivets or other types of industrial hardware. Sticking with the same theme, the next trend was “Industrial Kitchen Islands.”

Moving along through the Top Kitchen Trends of 2015, “High Efficiency” is the fourth entry. “When talking about kitchen trends for 2015, efficiency is all the rage.,” the article explains. There’s no better place to put efficiency into practice than with your pantry shelves. Your kitchen pantry holds all your most essential kitchen items, and should be a priority when it comes to your kitchen upgrade.” Vertical kitchen drawers, brass knobs, handles, and facets, and the inclusion of tile-not just for the floor, but for walls and eve the interior of the kitchen sink are also included in the Top Kitchen Trends for 2015. Other types of “Kitchen Flooring,” such as porcelain are also discussed in detail as part of the list.

Two of the more interesting trends on the list are one entitled “Kitchen Islands have a New Job,” and the final entry, “Kitchens Get Smart, which suggests “adding some unique technology to your kitchen, making it ‘smarter’ in 2015.” The “Kitchen Island” listing goes on to say that they “are becoming more than just a prep or serving station in 2015—they are acting as home and decor furnishings. This year, transform your kitchen from culinary base to display case with the addition of a unique kitchen island.”

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